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    psygn reacted to Netduma Jack in Announcement: DumaOS on Netduma R1 in Final Beta Testing   
    Sure - there's just a couple more steps to take, but at this stage it's extremely minor stuff. DumaOS is running extremely well on the R1. It makes us feel proud of the Mikrotik hardware if anything; it's clear that it still packs a punch!
    Just to clarify, we aren't going to release a launch date or build expectations this time. After the last delay I hope you can understand why - instead, we plan on dropping DumaOS very soon unannounced. It'll be ridiculously easy to upgrade, just like installing any new R1 firmware.
    Looking forwards, once you all have DumaOS installed you should consider it to be the beginning. DumaOS is cross-platform; any feature released for the Netgear routers should make its way to the R1 as well unless there are exceptional circumstances. This means fan-favourites like Ping Assist or brand new features will be released for you guys long into the future. There could also be unique features on the R1 version of DumaOS, such as an entirely rebuilt settings suite.
    Please don't take my word as absolutely accurate, especially later on - I'm just telling you what I know personally. I wish I could tell you an estimate of when it could be launched but it'd be defeating the purpose at this point!
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    psygn reacted to Netduma Jack in is the dumos update out for the netduma r1 yet?   
    We realise the lack of statements / communication has been frustrating. As I've said elsewhere, the developers are keen to take an 'actions rather than words' approach to the DumaOS / R1 launch, as they've made multiple communication errors in the past that have led to this point. They are now just cramming on it rather than getting over-excited and giving launch dates that are too risky.
    There's no conspiracy to raise XR500 sales by delaying DumaOS on the R1. Business-wise, it'd make no sense - Netgear are perfectly capable of selling tens of thousands of units by themselves, and their colossal size means the Netduma R1 is barely a drop in the ocean for them. DumaOS was delayed due to technicalities we wish had never happened.
    Likewise we can't make an offer, such as trading in the R1 for an XR500. Netgear are a very separate company - we're in partnership, but are in no way able to make such an offer. Many of the R1 delays have indeed come from the necessity of fixing bugs or issues with the XR500 - but this is to be expected, as not supporting the XR500 would mean an end to our future relationship with Netgear (and an end to our ability to release our software on the best hardware on the planet, which is hopefully an exciting prospect for you guys as much as us).
    The bottom line is DumaOS is coming to the R1. It's not my place to say when, though I've started telling people it'll be 'soon' because I've seen the developers at work and know this to be true. I'm keen to not repeat mistakes myself though, so I'm not going to build your expectations. I hope this gives you a bit more insight, but the statement remains the same. "DumaOS is coming soon, and will still be free, to the Netduma R1".
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    psygn reacted to Mechcondrid in is the dumos update out for the netduma r1 yet?   
    well considering there has been no news at all from any of them other than what amounts to "we're working on it" in months and at the same time touting the xr500 to boost sales someone needs to give some meaningful info.
    and while we know you guys "can't speak for the development team" you can certainly speak TO them and tell them to give some kind of statement or to relay one from them; silence is not acceptable considering that multiple times statements were made and then failed to follow through on and then no info as to why they failed other than some vague answer about getting the bugs out or some such with no real info behind it.
    honestly someone on the net duma side needs to say SOMETHING with substance or i could easily forsee a class action for false advertising or deceptive practices among other things.
    the fact that the update is (or at least has been promised; yet to see it obviously but the xr500 seems to have gotten it just fine) going to be provided to r1 buyers for free is irrelevant until that actually happens, its been promised (just like the beta, which didn't really happen) again and again and yet we still have jack squat. meanwhile the xr500 has it running just fine; if the hardware difference is that insurmountable (which isnt that hard to imagine if in fact that is a factor at all; would have to see code but you shouldn't NEED 1.7ghz to run firmware in most cases) then it should have been stated up front and not used as a selling point (another point that would lend to a class action BTW).
    honestly i want this thing to succeed but it seems that either management or the dev team is determined to not want this or care about it (which is the direct consequence of not giving any meaningful statements; people have no way to know or think otherwise when there is no communication)
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    psygn reacted to fakkel in R1 DumaOS Briefly Delayed   
    It could also be 849, 839, 851 I forgot. I mean so many days have passed it is hard to keep track, but maybe lollipop can help me focus on the more important things than an exact date, oooh yeah the fact that we are waiting over 2+ years!
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    psygn reacted to fakkel in R1 DumaOS Briefly Delayed   
    I hope we will receive the new OS soon guys!
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    psygn reacted to fakkel in R1 DumaOS Briefly Delayed   
    The Netduma OS 865 days delayed
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    psygn reacted to wils1337 in R1 DumaOS Briefly Delayed   
    Today marks the 100th day of the 'Brief Delay'
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    psygn reacted to buddy love in R1 DumaOS Briefly Delayed   
    Sir you are wrong to say "people need to relax because they received what they paid for when it came to the Netduma R1 Gaming Router."
    They have been advertising the R1 router that includes a free DumaOS update for quite some time .If you included the Free item as part of your advertising of said product, you must deliver. Its that simple. Here is a perfect example. Video cards come with free games every once in a while. Would they be able to get away with not giving you the "free game" as promised ?  I don't think so.
    Why this is overlooked by people who post otherwise baffles me.
    Let be accurate, The most recent announcement is another misleading part to the history of the Netduma R1. Its deceiving the way this company back tracks on these things , multiple times I might add and  its been happening for quite some time.
    I don't believe the backwards compatibility aspect of the statement at this point. I have had firmware updates in the past from other devices that couldn't revert back to the previous firmware. All they did was state up front that the upgrade is not reversible. So this IMO is BS.
    No offense, but sticking up for a company with the reasons you mentioned makes me wonder if your have hit your head on something recently. I hope you feel better.
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    psygn got a reaction from Foedus Gratiae in R1 DumaOS Briefly Delayed   
    Last time I was around here was when I saw this announcement.  I was like "I bet they still hadn't released it yet" and it doesn't come as a surprise that that I'm right.  Please get your shit together.
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    psygn got a reaction from D3mon1c in R1 DumaOS Briefly Delayed   
    Last time I was around here was when I saw this announcement.  I was like "I bet they still hadn't released it yet" and it doesn't come as a surprise that that I'm right.  Please get your shit together.
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    psygn got a reaction from thegaurdian1 in R1 DumaOS Briefly Delayed   
    Last time I was around here was when I saw this announcement.  I was like "I bet they still hadn't released it yet" and it doesn't come as a surprise that that I'm right.  Please get your shit together.
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    psygn reacted to AOrtiz in R1 DumaOS Briefly Delayed   
    Before I start, I will not comment after I write this. Its a simple post on my feelings that was long over due.
    So as an OG to R1. I wanted to take some time to see what develop before making any comments to the R1 update/non update.
    Ive been with netduma since the original launch and been very content with the product and technical suoport. I watched over time users become moderators, the making of brilliant developers, Tester and the tech support is superb.
    Now.. I totally understand the business part of it to bring a product concept to manufacturing and to be know, used and loved by the masses.
    Making money and keeping people employed is YUGE IMO
    But... something is missing or lacking and (IN MY OPINION) this release push back to R1 owners is not right.- SORRY
    Ive seen YOUTUBE commentators, pro-gamers who can move to buy (Because they have the money) or even be supported for FREE a new Netgear Router. - Brilliant.
    But what about the 3 years that we've been promise and waited for a new software for the R1.
    Now... I would of gladly paid for this update if this meant to support the NETDUMA ARMY, company and FAMILY.
    I felt like I was part of the team, so when I heard that "it was a mistake on your part for not designing backward compatibility" I need to call you on it, because once again, i consider you people very intelligent or maybe you were more interested in the netgear that you overlook the R1 AND LISTEN TO THIS... THE USERS. - Possible.
    Anyways.. I will continue to wait for the update, and maybe in the near future get to enjoy the new operating system for my R1.
    Take care and GOD Bless
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    psygn got a reaction from Sir_smooch in R1 DumaOS Briefly Delayed   
    Gee, thanks.
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    psygn got a reaction from JerryFAK in Where to look for the latest Netduma progress?   
    I see different threads that are all locked when it comes to news on the future Netduma.
    The last in-depth progress update was on Jan 27 on your blog which is nearly about a year ago, I guess on March 24 you had testing done.
    As a developer myself I get the convenience of "it'll be ready when it's ready" and agree with that philosophy, but it still wouldn't hurt to be ever so slightly more transparent about progress.  I think at this point perhaps even a roadmap should be feasible as things get solidified and stabilized? Where should I subscribe to see any and all news specifically about the future of Netduma?  Can we expect one soon?
    - Early Netduma customer
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    psygn reacted to Netduma Jack in Where to look for the latest Netduma progress?   
    I'd highly recommend following Iain on Twitter as pollutionblues suggested - he's often chatting about the development and features that will be included. DumaOS has many surprises in store, and the long development time should make more sense when it's released.
    As for providing a roadmap, we'll provide news when it's ready. Last year we were perhaps a bit too eager and forthcoming, resulting in disappointment when the inevitable delays came. We don't want to disappoint anyone again, so we'll be using actions rather than words with DumaOS.
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    psygn got a reaction from ColonicBoom in The biggest issue with WW2!! (besides connection)   
    In WWII camping far outweighs rushing, just like advanced movement games favor rushing over camping as to being consistently successful.  WWII is for the slower, defensive player.  Other more recent BOTG CoD games allowed for a variety of play styles by providing [a] flank routes with minimal headglitch spots completely stealthy class setups [c] SMGs that kill up close and out to medium range [d] SMG aim-down speed being faster than AR [e] maps that didn't consistently favor the range of AR.
    And people care about their stats so they play in a way that is most successful and unfortunately that is by camping/headglitching constantly.  Even the best rushers in CoD are having to play a bit more conservatively, and that's not because it's BOTG so much that rushing in this game is like constantly being caught with your pants half down with how slow it is to draw your gun up to people already aiming.  That's why.
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    psygn reacted to PuppetMaster in DumaOS Announcement: Development Progress & Testing   
    I've been part of this community for 2+ years and the white knights are getting very toxic. I remember when our opinions were respected instead of being treated as facts & than "insulted" for them. Not to mention they are making clearly wrong guys moderators. If I wanted to listen to a bunch of liberals cry I would head over to polygon or WSJ.
    To the real CEOs. You keep going down this road with moderators & once your patent has expired and EVERY router manufacturer rips-off what you built & puts in into their product. 
    You will be to blame for your company going bankrupt.
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    psygn reacted to Od1n in Early Alpha Preview Photo: The new & improved Network Monitor on DumaOS   
    not sure how much information you can share but here are two questions
    - will there be a theme or a lettering for the early adopter people?
    - the new network monitor is awesome and i really like how you can see in-depth infos on the ussage, though i can also see potential problems there
    eg someone in your household browsing porn sites or running torrent software, can you adjust the network monitor to not show them there or the contrary to fully block their useage to prevent illegal things?
    also the following is rather unimportant but would be nice to have, the network snapshot has vertical lines to better estimate the bandwidth bars, wouldnt it be usefull to have the same lines but horizontal in the network monitor?
    here an example:

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