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  1. #1 would be perfect if it had a thinner face (similar to other designs). Currently, it looks like a bear or bloated duma.
  2. Good times gang. Can't wait till the next tournament. Surely we can squeak in another before BO3.
  3. Just talked with Fuze and he should be able to play then too. We'll see you @ 7 pm BST. Someone will need to invite both of us.
  4. Just saw the message. I'm off work all week, so just tell me what day and time guys
  5. I was rockin the 2 bar http://forum.netduma.com/uploads/monthly_06_2015/post-1088-0-97993300-1435520222_thumb.jpg
  6. For the record, my GT is Hammer37167 (same as forum name)
  7. Fraser how can I find some of their gamer tags? Specifically, I'm looking for Easymoney and Zero
  8. Hey jodydid I sent you message and friend invite for tourney tomorrow.
  9. Hammer37167 checking in. I'll be available on Sunday the 28th. Location USA, Tennessee, central standard time zone. What time do you want this match to take place? I wondered if I needed to adjust the PST referenced to know when to be ready. Okay, I think I've figured this "time-thing" out. I'm in group B and second bullet point on time list is 2pm EST (so that's 1 pm for us central time zone guys). Tell me if this is the plan....Group B plays @ 2 pm est on the 28th.
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