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  1. No... But when I tried using my consoles it had like a nat problem where it just wouldn't work at all & I still had the duma in dmz I also couldn't even use my laptop for the internet the only thing I could do was do things on the interface but other than that thats it
  2. Yeah it doesn't seem to be working at like all I can't even use the internet honestly at this rate ima have to redownload the 3.0 version
  3. So when it comes to updating I can just download the newer version of Duma OS w/o any worries? Also is this firmware im bout to download able to access 300 down or just 200?
  4. How do I access the earlier firmwares again because its killing me not being able to be in party chat ESPECIALLY during cold war
  5. No I never did I didn't even know you could customize it honestly im only aware that I could turn it on/off but its been on I've never turned it off... O no I never added a device to that listing
  6. Why is it that my Ps4 is using as much of the bandwidth EVEN DOE I have it set to 5% with share excess unticked its downloading games atm but instead of it hitting 5% of my download speed at the bare minimum its taking 300 down instead
  7. But there's no specific ports I can forward on my gateway for it at all?
  8. It doesn't say which ports is a security issue its talking as if the modem is one & its weird cause this never happened before till just recently & I don't recall making any changes for my network on my gateway or modem so my mind is pretty much blown on this one but yeah im basically tryna find out if there is possibly specific ports I can forward for my Duma to still work or is DMZ the only option
  9. But maybe there could be a feature where you can have the ability that when you mess with bandwidth allocation you can set a device to have like a pinned number on it & when you put bandwidth on other devices it takes away from everything else you don't have pinned for example lets say I put 8% on my XB1 & pin it it'll never try to pull the 8 & will only have to work with the 92 from other devices left over
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