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  1. Thanks. When I first started using it again yesterday most of the applets were accessible, slow but I could get to most of them, now nothing. I look forward to the hotfix, where can I keep an eye on this release? Which section? Thanks
  2. @Netduma Fraser As promised, I really hope this can be fed back to your engineering team. As you can see it's completely unusable, I suspect it cannot cope with the amount of devices on my network, and I'm not sure if the R2 will be any different so until I have reassurances I won't be buying another one, which is really frustrating as I loved this in its prime, it used to work great with all the devices on my network and then 2.0 firmware just killed it.
  3. Cheers. Happy to show a video grab of what I see if it helps in anyway. Thanks
  4. Cheers. Will that firmware be available for the R1 too?
  5. Cheers. It's pretty useless to me without the applets though, not sure I'm willing to risk spending £150 on the R2 for the same issues. Thanks for the help all the same
  6. Yeah it's in bridge mode. So setup the router like normal fibre connection and stick in the DMZ and plug everything into the R1? I’ve done it. The R1 showed up in the client list vis dhcp on tplink so I reserved the IP and put it in the dmz. ill try qos again but I can see already the loading circle and then the “operation is taking longer than expected. Please briefly wait before using this rapp” - it’s just too cumbersome which I’m gutted about as I really want to use it.
  7. That is what I thought. I have TP Link VDSL router. All devices are connected to the R1. Yes using PPPoE which I was told 3.0 was optimised for?
  8. Managed to delete the update, normality resumes. THEN the wife turns on the Sky Q mini box and that kills the internet again, surely this isn't just me affected by these issues? The QOS seems...broken
  9. Just done that and its killed my network. My PS5 was downloading an update so now I can't get on my Duma anymore and no device can get on the internet, I'm sure this is what made me throw the thing out last time
  10. Hi Fraser, just checking this. I’m trying to put the WAN IP in the DMZ on my tplink router they I’ve set to bridge mode. It says I cannot as it’s not on the same subnet as the LAN. What am I doing wrong?
  11. I had this issue when I last used the thing, but when the PS4/5 starts downloading an update for a game the whole internet goes down. What do I need to set in QOS to stop this? I cannot even access the Duma to change any settings when the downloads are underway, I need to either wait or pause before anything happens, it laterally uses every part of the bandwidth.
  12. I will give it a go. I noticed something a bit odd when using my PC this morning, I loaded it up as I normally would and the internet page wasn't resolving as in if the internet was down, it took around 10/15 seconds for the page to appear. Not a reported problem on 3.0? I will keep tabs on it just a bit strange.
  13. Interface but like I said it was like this on 2.0 so not a massive surprise
  14. Well I dug it out, upgraded to 3.0, reset to factory settings, stuck my router in bridge mode, all setup. Let the 3.0 guide run through, get to the dashboard and click on QOS, the dreaded spinning/loading circles appear and then eventually the good old error: "The operation is taking longer than expected. Please briefly wait before using this Rapp." I'm not sure what to do, I don't understand how others are still using the R1 or I just have a broken one. Just clicking into system info, takes around 20 seconds to load and then the CPU is maxing out at 100%. RAM usage 25% free. This is all just plug and play, I have configured nothing so far. I'm just watching the system info and the CPU just fluctuates between 80-100 so I'm still assuming this is hardware related?
  15. If I can click on that link Fraser it says I don't have permission to view?
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