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  1. Is there any other way to do a benchmark without downloading the programs?
  2. Do you think it will be out a day early like last weekend?
  3. Ok sweet. No problemo hermano. 2 more days left guys are you ready? Lets do it ww2!
  4. It was the closest to my location here in central america. Im not saying the other servers arent as good but this one was the best. It would be nice if a server in Colombia was made that would make things easier for south and central Americas to play on. Thanks for the comment Fraser. Any ideas on where the ww2 servers might be located when it comes out or lets say the beta? or they might be on the same ones as Black Ops 3 and IW?
  5. Hello my friends. For the last couple of days the florida server has not been showing up. Does this have anything to do with maybe the servers getting ready for the new cod?
  6. Its weird man. If I have share excess ticked its not great. But with it off its completely spot on. Well. I wonder..
  7. Thank you Fraser. The title sounds much better.
  8. Alanero89fl

    COD WW2

    Can I just say ..You guys are awesome! Thanks for the response now I understand.
  9. Alanero89fl

    COD WW2

    My question is. Will the netduma R1 work well with the beta when its out? What about this 60hz tick rate I keep hearing about? Will the DUMA and this work pretty nice?
  10. Mi hermano. Ok ya yo trate otra solucion y esta fenomenal aora. Mucho mejor de lo que te explique. Pon tu playstation o xbox o le que usas que agarre la mayoria del internet. Entonces aora vas a quitar donde dise share excess eso lo quitas para las dos upload y download y ponle los dos a 70 o 60 el ulpoad it download. Yo ni necesito usar el geofilter aora si juega fenomenal. Con share excess puesto todavia como que me daba unas problemas. Pero aora si estoy feliz. Trata eso espero que si te ayude hermano. Me cuentas como va. A ok y tambien vuelve a poner auto cloud. Pero bleeding edge quitalo.
  11. Guys I suffered for a while trying to set up the netduma farely well. Now I seem to have found a SOLUTION. It might work for you it might not. I set my ps4 to get most of the internet speed in the house. Now the capping lower it down to 70 or 60 upload and download speeds. What changed from here was that I ticked off share excess and now since ive ticked that off for both upload and download Ive been getting the most AWSOME GAMES! Its either like LAN play or I have more of the advantage in a gun fight. You dont even have to use the geo filter. I use it on or off. Geo filter on seems to even better it but I turn it off so it could be a fair game hope this helps.
  12. Hermano mira. Yo vivo en panama y yo e tenido problemas tambien antes con el lag. Deberias aser lo siguiente. Porque para mi esto si me a servido y ha no tengo nada de lag y mato los otros facil. La comfiguracion auto cloud y bleeding edge quitalo. Y deja whitelist gameserver y map en 1. Los servidores que va enseñar el geo filter despues que prendas call of duty va ser, uno en antarctica el otro en nueva york y otra en el medio de los estados unidos. Buena para esos son los servidores que me enseñan por no usar el auto cloud. Despues el geofilter lo vas a expandir completamente asta 20037.00 kilmetros. O asta que ya no puedes mas. Y el ping lo vas a poner en 30 o 20 entr ese rango. El geofilter que lo tengas check porque si lo vas a usar. Desde ahi ya puedes probar y me dices que tal. Mi geofilter lo tengo en el atlantico y expandido asta que ya no puede mas. Esete fue mi truco y ya esta mucho mejor.
  13. ◄ Mark 12:31 Love your neighbor as yourself. There is no commandment greater than these.
  14. Quick question if anyone would like to answer. Will there be any dedicated servers put in central or in latin america in the future so many of us could expirience better ping? I live in panama in central america. And the best server it connects too is the one in Tampa Florida. Ping is from 50 to 60 wich really isn't all that great.
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