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  1. For open nat I configure the ports manually on the fritzbox and use exposed host, correct? Or do I open the nat on netduma? Or both? Up until now I have always used exposed host from the fritzbox. Can this have a negative impact?
  2. Can it help to change the dns servers? If it is useful, should I change them on the netduma, on the fritz, or on the windows settings? Have patience, now they are the last attempts then I give up hope 😂
  3. I have read all the ports listed. But I didn't understand how to configure. Are ports the same both in and destination?
  4. Exactly this option has been activated. The only thing that makes the difference is to prioritize Ports but I just try without having correct ideas on which to activate
  5. Yes. I have now tried to use ppoe but it doesn't change much
  6. I saw that this setting was already assigned by default😔
  7. To configure everything correctly I have to write ipconfig on the command prompt and copy subnet mask and default gateway. And as a static IP I have to change the last three digits of the current IP, putting digits that are not used for other devices, correct?
  8. I'll try. Do I have to set this static IP first on the fritzbox and then on the netduma?
  9. I was able to set it up but after a few minutes I could no longer connect to the internet. I saw that the gateway ip has changed but I don't know how to fix. I am not an expert
  10. Nothing, I don't know how to fix. I have tried everything but I continue to have obvious problems despite the connection being stable.
  11. I know this. Maybe I did not say it clear enough. My only problem is that using only my fritzbox modem my games are all rated 6/10. Using the netduma most of the games I give a 4-5 / 10 rating and very few times some games with a 9/10 rating. So I'm sure the netduma can do something positive, but I don't know how
  12. I had given priority port 3074udp and had experimented with other ports found on the forums. Now I don't remember which was the best for me because it was only good for a few games anyway. These priorities were activated when I was playing. Port origin 3074, 3074, Port destination 30000-65535. I also experimented with other ports but not all of them worked well for me
  13. I mean traffic priority. I had tried to prioritize some udp-tcp ports and it looks like it can get better
  14. I tried to reduce but the ping in underload always remains similar. If I raise the values instead the underload ping becomes unstable. The very few moments I manage to have an excellent hit reg by doing tests With the priority of the doors but it seems to last a short time and then everything comes back worse than before forcing me to cancel the priority of the doors. I think it's something closely related to this
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