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  1. Thank you very much for this feedback. If I encounter this issue one more time, I will most certainly make that call without hesitation. You’ve given me much more insight. Glad I wasn’t the only one with similar issues. Again thank you!
  2. Thanks for the info on the reply back Fraser. Question on the firmware topic. How would you recommend I update the firmware on the R2 (when the time comes) as I’ve never had to do it on this one before. And should we just keep monitoring the forum on the firmware update release announcement?
  3. The modem model is pictured in the attachment to this reply. As for what you said Fraser, I had already factory reset the router and that seemed to have fixed. This is the second time i’ve done in as many weeks. Just want to prevent it from happening in the future. I’ve been with netgear/netduma since my Xr300. Really would hate to have to change to anything else.
  4. Hello Fraser, I’ve tried that numerous time. With no success. My cpu connected to ethernet and phone via wifi both say “cannot connect to server.”
  5. For some reason my router (which has rarely ever had this issue) is not showing a connection to my router. WAN IP continually shows as disconnected.
  6. Just wanted check in on an issue , has anyone been recently experiencing internet connectivity issues ? I been on the phone with my ISP. They suggested I connect my CPU directly to my modem, and i get internet just fine. So the problem seems to be with the router. I just wanted to see if anything is going on with the netduma network that may be causing this issue.
  7. thank you all for the help! really appreciate it. issues were resolved.
  8. I wasn’t using mirror mode, After a reset with the router and my modem, things seem to have settled and all connections and functions are operating as they should. Thank you !
  9. Using Chrome is working MUCH better. However, at random points my 5G network goes out and only unplugging the router restarts it.
  10. On chrome it seems to be stable now, weird though because before the factory reset it. It was giving me issues.
  11. Having issues with my R2, recent the DumaOs dashboard wasn’t even loading up when i would try and get there. Kept getting SCRIPT error. I did a factory reset and nothing. Now I can’t even get finish my router set-up. IMG_0744.MOV
  12. Hello recently my Dumas Os dashboard on my R2 kept saying script error. I did just about everything to try and get it working but the page kept failing on me. I tried a factory reset recently and now my browser just stays stuck on loading the dashboard page. Can anyone help? IMG_0744.MOV
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