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    Nvm figured it out.
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    He means it works if u don't try to port forward or modify the router. If u jus plug in and do what they recommend. It works. But problem is with congestion control aka buffer bloat. Doesn't work for everyone. Port forward doesn't work as it makes router inoperable. Upnp doesn't work good enough and Its a security flaw. At the moment geo filter only works with strict off, PA off. Miles radius only works atm on Infinite warfare. Hopefully they will fix this. Cuz it's worthless if ping isn't working as that's what fixes lag. Distance doesn't mean much except from u to server. Which I'm next to a server, most players aren't.
    It's impossible to get 2 ps4 open nat type for cod. You are warned if that's only reason you are buying this router... U can not, it's first ps4 turned on gets open nat.
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