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  1. Can you make geofilter works with destiny 2 like before the new update
  2. Hey Netduma! I wounder if you can make a whitelist so we can add the steam ids of our friends so no other player will be allowed to join our match. Thanks in advance.
  3. There is no other option now. Geofilter is dead now and will never work with destiny 2 again like before. You will never be able to play against your friends or do solo activities.
  4. You will not be able to use the geofilter forever. Because Bungie changed the matchmaking to SDR so our ip is completely hidden by steam system. Believe me, it will never work again since the geofilter will not be able to see others' ip to know their ping.
  5. I am playing on ps4 and after the last update from bungie I think that it is imposible to get geofilter works again. 😕
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