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  1. i was wondering if there was a way to overlay the ping heat map on to the geo filtering just for ease of use purposes when drawing geofences in polygon mode.
  2. game was working perfectly again last night thanks for the fix. i also only got the fail to join error 3 twice last night after i added a few more ports to the forwarding table
  3. exclusive ace also found a way to break SBMM by having a 5 or 6 man team going into matchmaking he has a tendency to get easier lobbies when he does that trick for his testing of new weapons in game once he has them leveled
  4. i had a lot of issues last night after they pushed an in game update it was literally me sitting and waiting for it find a match for 30 min when yesterday it was working perfectly nothing in my setup has changed in the last few days. but as soon as i turn geo filter off it connects to a match that has a horrible connection
  5. ok cool just thought i would mention it since it seemed odd. thanks for the update as well
  6. only one cod cold ware server is showing for me right now and its in japan when i use the heat map did they change something on the server side?
  7. i had this join game/party error 3 last night it was very inconsistent as to when it would pop up i was playing on my ps4 and sometimes it would pop 3-4 times and then it would matchmake no problem for a few mathces and then repeat it was kinda annoying but when i did get matches it felt very stable
  8. no I'm getting full speed at the router not the computer. Also the issues seems to have resolved itself overnight. I tried some of the router setting changes suggested for slow internet namely turning off ipv6 and changing the lease to 168 for the 2nd router but it didn't appear to do anything at the time. I'm starting to think it may have been modem/ISP related. thanks
  9. dont have a choice it is required to use that one from the cable company as for my ping until this issue popped up with the download speed not being what it should have i didnt have a ping issue it was more or less at 60-80 all the time
  10. i dont know the modem off the top of my head ill grab that for you when i get home its the standard one charter gives. i set it up as the main device(R2) and the secondary router as acess point (ASUS RT-AC87U AC2400) most of the devices are connnected to the AP i have 2 devices connnected to the R2 my computer and the PS4. im gettting full speed to the router just not beyond the router ARRIS TM1602A Cable Modem
  11. i setup the router on monday and it was working great all day. yesterday i went to get on my games and im getting 120ms servers for my games unlike monday where i was down in the 30-60ms ping. ive been trying to figure out why it did that all day today and i noticed the connection benchmark is saying i have a 90 mb/s download and a 10 mb/s upload. So i go to chrome and run a speed test and its showing im getting 1-5mb/s and a wildly variable ping rate highest was 280ms. the benchmark has it pegged at 60ms on ping. i have my old router connected to the net duma on lan 1 to its lan 1 and it is set to acess point mode in the old routers software and i disabled the firewall on it as well any help would be greatly appreciated. this is the old router i have if it helps ASUS RT-AC87U AC2400 i have tried turning Qos off and it did nothing
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