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  1. I did checks and it seemed that this time it was denying the servers that it indicated to the router, the dilemma or something that I do not understand is that, for example, I close the surrounding area of the geofilter in the countries included like Spain, France and the southern part of the UK where the servers with the lowest latency are possibly for my interest in COD warzone I can see the latency, But once I look for a game I observe that the latency it gives me within the game is much higher than that of one of the 2 servers collected or in France, or in the United Kingdom, a latency of between 55 to 75 or 80 ms ... when in the interface of the netduma geofilter I get about 20 ms approximately ... I do not understand ...
  2. HHello good afternoon, now I have a problem with the geofilter of servers in Ps4 in warzone, I do not understand why when looking for a game in real time and seeing several servers in the netduma R2 interface At that time, some put it as servers and others as allowed servers, and in this case I try to deny a server and it does not appear on the interface screen as denied and it is more I think That the game chooses or takes that server to play, because I observe that the ping was or is the same that appears to me in ps4 than the one that I tried to deny in the interface of dumaos or netduma r2, I hope that That they can help me, I do not understand what is happening, kind regards
  3. How do I disable that auto-ping option?
  4. Yesterday I did it and for a moment it seemed to work and that all this was the problem (I gave as allowed player to my friend) but today the same failure occurred, saying that it could not connect due to a fault
  5. Hello good night, I have a problem that I have been dragging on for days and I can not solve it, and it is about the ps4 voice chat group, every time I create a group, a friend can hear me (if I have Good luck ..) but the rest of my friends do not listen to me, nor I to them, and hopefully maybe two of them can do it ... I need if they can help me, this did not happen to me before I had the ro Router and I think something is wrong ... I thought it could be a port problem but I have a moderate nat, and the next thing I may be suspecting may be due to the QOS in terms of Mb distribution But I'm not sure ...
  6. Is there a way to select the Spanish language on the Netduma R2 router?
  7. That's right, by replacing the Cat 6 cable supplied by netduma r2 with one of Cat 7, the Wi-Fi connection was effectively consolidated and everything flows with great normality
  8. Continuing As Freiser mentioned, and indeed the connection has already been consolidated
  9. As I continued saying, neither the mobile, tablet nor PC was connected to me, at first it was connected and then it was disconnected, until I changed the cable supplied by netduma for a cat 7
  10. I think I have the solution, the cable that comes with the cat 6 router does not have enough data transmission capacity that the netduma r2 processes, I had the same problem yesterday
  11. Hola buenas noches desde España, tengo el mismo problema, mis dispositivos se conectan a la red wifi al empezar con el router netduma R2, pero en cuestión de 5 a 10 minutos se desconectan , aparece el dispositivo como mi teléfono móvil como conectado pero sin acceso a internet , he probado bastantes cosas como resetearlo etc, el router reconoce los aparatos y les asigna ip pero no tiene conexión por wifi, en cambio por cable al ordenador por el que accedo a la administración de router netduma parece funcionar por cable, pero por wifi no funciona
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