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  1. I see it within the game's option, I will take a screen shot of it when I get back home.
  2. Does it cause more latency if it's incorrect?
  3. my geographical region is totally wrong, I live in a town called Eskilstuna in Sweden, but my geographical region in the games say Stockholm, Sweden. Is there a way to correct it?
  4. I know why, it is because of there were no players at my skill level playing the game, in Black Ops Cold War, and were forcing to matche up with the closest server. But on Modern Warfare the goe filter were working fine. I guess there are fewer people on Cold War than MW.
  5. The geo filter suddently stopped doing its job, takes forever to find a match. I have XR500 router, netduma os 3.0 beta. Any ideas?
  6. I can't find it on google store, has it been removed?
  7. Are these two DumaOS 3.0? XR500-V2.3.2.120 firmware XR500-V2.3.2.114-DumaOS3.0 ? I'm a little bit confused. 🐐
  8. I found the ports, but what should I do with the source port?
  9. One more thing, the application I would like to protect isn't in the list. How can I apply to it?
  10. Thanks, I did it and it worked! But my internet speed is downgraded, is it supposed to be like that?
  11. I don't know how to enter it, should I copy and paste the file into Configuration? the file is se.ovpn.com.conf
  12. I just downloaded OpenVPN configuration file.
  13. it's the ping assist and Polygon that doesn't show the ping. The radius is just fine.
  14. Beside hidemyass and purevpn, can you use other vpn providers as well?
  15. I haven't tried other games, I play only cod games atm
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