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  1. I totally reinstall the .120 on my XR500, the video I posted, was recorded after when the denies were bugged. But this time, I had set ping assist to 15 ms, and the duma os somehow put me into a game lobby, "Zombies match" with a 100 ms ping within the game. I will also record the game itself and the dumaos at the same time, so you will see more accurate what is happening.
  2. Take look at this video, I recorded this bug, I set my radius on my home location, set the ping assist to 15 ms, but this DumaOS put me anyway on a VERY high ping lobby, 100 ms!!, and the Auto Ping Host is showing 5 ms! https://imgur.com/a/dWZCen0 You guys need to release a new beta update ASAP, otherwise I won't be sticking longer to XR500 or any Netgear, DumaOS routers at all.
  3. Wow, suddenly, when I chanced my radius pointer on the geo filter, all the denies aren't working any more, have to start to deny all over again. I'm getting tired of this firmware, considering to flash the xr500 to another firmware, similary to DumaOS. No more updates to XR500. No point to use DumaOS. I'm very disappointed.
  4. I meant that the host type is a peer, not decicated servers. The person who is the host, in black ops cold war zombies mode, I would like to see its IP adress.
  5. Why are you guys not letting us to see the real IP adress? 😉
  6. aha, is it only you guys who can identify the IP adress? Is it encrypted for us ? Only you can get access to it?
  7. Oki, I will do it. By the way, what is ID? What does it tell?
  8. It was on the same place, and I had given it a name before.
  9. It was a specific player that became a host, and I didn't like the ping, blocked the player, restarted the game again, searched for a zombies match, got matched up with him again.
  10. Yes, it doesn't block it even when I deny it. Yes I had been been waiting more than 2 minutes, I even restarted the game. I played Black Ops Cold War Zombies, there are no dedicated servers, only peer host, in the game mode.
  11. When I deny a peer, somehow, DumaOS .120 is letting it to be allowed. Is the .120 broken now?
  12. Now it got fixed after I restarted the router
  13. It seems that Geo Filter is not working properly, is it because of Cold War update this started to mess up? https://imgur.com/a/rXmKhrs
  14. I have no clue how to install WireGuard files to my XR500, need help with it.
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