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  1. I have no idea what those identifiers do. The intervall was set to 2.5. Yes, all devices are connected to the router. I will try it again when I get back home.
  2. Nah, the congestion controll doesn't do anything. It didn't do any difference according to the Ping Plotter. I know it's a bug in the firmware. Any news about the next firmware for XR500?
  3. Actually neither worse or best. Still same thing whatever I do. I have decided to disable QoS because it seems it doesn't do what is supposed to do.
  4. No matter what I do, the "download" is almost the same, and the "Upload" as well. It must be a bug in the firmware. I've done multiple test in 48 minutes, but I have speeded up the recorded video. Soo if you think the video is to long, but I thought that maybe a video could demonstrate better than pictures. avc_bandicam_2022-01-14_08-35-07-122.mp4
  5. Oki. Mean while, I have disabled DHCP instead and manually put internet connection to all my devices. Hopefully, this will resolve the issue.
  6. Oh, okey, sorry about that. But is it safe to revert, considering the latest security fixes isn't in the previous firmwares??
  7. I did exactly the same thing, Fraser. This should recall your momery. 😁
  8. There is info about .50 in all over the places, here and Netgear.com. So you are telling me that .50 was the wrong one all the time????
  9. Hi! I'm having this DHCP issue twice now. It seems that reserving the IP adress, and change to .50 doesn't work in long term. Before this issue started to occure, which previous firmwares didn't have this issue? I don't want to refund this router, I really do love the router, but the DHCP issues is a real router breaking bug.
  10. Hi! Is there a way my friend can join me playing on another region "USA"? I've allowed my friend on my Geo filter but the game "Vanguard" isn't able to put him into that region with me. But it does work when I play alone, though. Any idea?
  11. I actually had it disabled. I renabled it and it works now. Thanks Fraser!
  12. Yes, but it's working now, it was just yesterday.
  13. I need help, my Chromecast can't get the internet connection. Does it have to do with DHCP? I have reserved IP, adress, changed to .50, before I got the Chromecast.
  14. I'm having this issue as well, I was trying to force the CoD Vanguard to play only on one dedicated serve in Europe, but it still connecting to USA servers as well. This started to happen yesterday.
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