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  1. So if i just wanted to throttle my connection and not all my devices. Would i use the Upload and Download QoS, and set the download rate of my computer to something of 5%. Any way to do it specific to ports? Funny thing I noticed when I am playing Call of Duty, the Network monitor doesn't show any of my speeds using 'Gaming', instead will show it all as either Web or Uncategorized. So I feel like limiting 'Gaming' in QoS to a specific % of my download/upload would have no affect.
  2. Does this throttle all of your devices though on the network to 15% 10%? Also is the Congestion Control setting the Anti-Bufferbloat setting? i've seen people say they set it to never and still move the slider % but when i set congestion control to never i cannot move the sliders.
  3. After doing a reboot of the router from the dashboard it seems to have corrected the issue.
  4. I had ping assist at 0, Fast Search Disabled, and strict mode enabled. I tried moving ping assist up and then back to 0 to make sure the setting was at 0 when loading the game. This is a screenshot of when I am loading up Modern Warfare. Few things I see is: Ping Assisted Oklahoma server Allowed Server on the East coast (my allow/deny list is empty) I assume this is just the validation server for online services? Stating player off coast of Africa Ping Assisted Player in Singapore
  5. This started yesterday, I am constantly getting this server no matter where i put my geo filter. I am in NY and when it starts up it shows the north east server it initially connects to. Then all my games are connecting to this server outside of my geo filter. I have tried multiple different filters, polygon (drawing on a select few spots). Tried to denied this server as well but still connects to it. I have removed all my allow/denied. Removed my traffic prioritization as well. Flushed the Geo Filter cloud. And seems all my games are connecting to this server.
  6. An update: I switched my router setup so that the internet comes into the XR1000 first from FiOS rather than the FiOS gateway and then have the XR1000 running an ethernet cord to Fios Gateway's WAN port with all its Wi-Fi and broadcast disabled, so my set top boxes work. This also removing the double NAT was running behind. I see everything on the DumaOS Dashboard. I have my PC hardwired into the XR1000. I have uPnP on, yet doesn't show anything in the uPnP port map table, Geo Filter off, and still get a moderate NAT through the XR1000. I tried disabling uPnP and DMZing my computer in the XR1000 as well and still have Nat Moderate. (Geo Filter is not on). When i check in Modern Warfare, shows my internal IP as 192.xxx.x.xxx:3074. But the XR1000 IP address is the EDITING: double checked wiring and i still have PC plugged into the Fios Gateway, which explains the 192 IP in warzone. After correcting the wires. have an OPEN Nat type running through the XR1000. Thank you for all the help.
  7. What about using the port forwarding then or traffic controller for the device?
  8. Using the XR1000 version: Have my PC set to DMZ on the WAN setup and have tried disabling uPnP and removing the port forwards.
  9. Recently with geo filter on i have been struggling to find games if I used the standard mark rather than the polygon mode. I had it set to overlap two servers in that showed the best ping on the ping map but it would take forever to connect, but last week was connecting instantly. I switched it to the Polygon mode drew around a few more server and put my PC as 'playstation' as well. Seems to be connecting more. Also when i try to add Call of Duty-PC it says filtering mode is not supported for this game.
  10. Thank you for the response. I gave this a go. Removed uPnP on the gateway, removed the DMZ of the XR1000, Removed the Port Forwarding and had Nat Filtering as Open. Still shows up moderate without the geo filter on.
  11. Hello, So my main internet provider is Verizon FIOS. I cannot put their gateway into bridge mode, but i disable the WiFi on that gateway and DMZ the IP of my XR1000 router and have uPnP enabled on the Fios Gateway. My computer is hardwired in the XR1000, with uPnP enabled, all Ports forwarded for Call of Duty PC, and even DMZed my Computer on the XR1000. In the WAN Settings i have the NAT Filtering set to Open as well. No matter what i have tried, Nat type shows Moderate in Call of Duty. I have tried removing the geo-filter, i have tried adding a trafic controller to allow everything all times of the day. Still cannot get it to Open. When i hardwire directly to my Fios Gateway and use the Port forwarding/DMZ my computers internal IP, i get an Open Nat Type. But I cannot get one when i am hardwired to the XR1000. Any thoughts? What might i be missing? Since i cannot put the Gateway in bridge mode as it does not offer it. My XR1000 is assigned an gateway to access the admin settings rather than the 192 IP, since this is used by the FIOS gateway.
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