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  1. Hi, I have my R2 arriving tomorrow and was wondering on how to set it up. I plan to keep my existing setup of Modem -> Asus Router providing the whole house with internet, and then connect the R2 to the Asus Router to just take advantage of the geofilter, ping heatmap etc when i game. I am aware that I will lose functionality such as QOS. So I assume that I will need to wire the Asus Router to the R2 via ethernet, and then perhaps login to the R2 router URL and complete setup that way? Is there anything specific I need to know that will help me getting everything working smoothly? (I am not talking about geofilter settings, just getting everything connected with the modem -> router -> R2 scenario) Thanks for your time
  2. I believe this is Activisions doing, and not a fault from netduma I do not have a netduma router (still waiting for it to arrive), however I use a VPN to connect to different servers away from UK My VPN provider has a server called AUS1 (Australia). When connected via VPN, the Warzone geo location in settings shows "New South Wales" and I always get put into the Chile server with other South Americans. My USA/Canada friends get around 80 ping in this lobby with me, so it seems to definitely be connecting to Chile (or somewhere close) rather than Australia. I get 170 ping from UK (with AUS1 vpn connected) It is something I do not tonally understand to be honest, but just thought I would add it
  3. Thanks for this. Out of interest what was your ping? I also played South Africa a few times. I don't have a netduma router, but instead using different vpns. My ping is always around the 200 mark - but it's still playable at that ping and easier than UK lobbies. Takes me less than 7 mins to find a game, usually 3 mins depending on time of day
  4. Hey Seye, I am new to netduma - I was just wondering, did you have to activate a VPN to play in Ghana? or were you able to do this without a VPN And how long did it take to find a match?
  5. Super interesting bruh. Tbh it's something I'm keen to try out but I'm the same, any super high ping and I'm straight back to eu servers. Out of interest which router and firmware are you using? The older duma 2.0 or the new 3.0 with enhanced "geo fencing" options
  6. Yo thx for the reply. Yeah anything above 150 ping starts to become unplayable for me. Out of interest, using your method how long did it take to join a game? I imagine it would take a lot longer than normal
  7. When connecting to Dubai / Singapore servers from the UK, did you need to have your VPN on? Or did it allow you into those servers without a VPN?
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