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  1. Thank you for cutting-and-pasting the instructions. Port 7777 is open according to the scan. Port Status 7777 open (89ms)
  2. Step 2. If you are on version 1.03.6 (e.g. 1.03.6j etc), proceed to the next step. IF YOU ARE ON A LOWER VERSION E.G. 1.03.3, THEN A FIX MUST BE MANUALLY PUT ON YOUR ROUTER TO PREVENT IT FROM PERMANENTLY BREAKING. PLEASE READ THIS GUIDE TO ENABLE THE FIX When I try and click on THIS GUIDE, it takes me to the support log in page. When I tried to create an account, it only asked for my Full Name and Email.
  3. Hello. I have the Netduma R1 running firmware 1.03.3 and would like to upgrade. Unfortunately, when I try and read teh guide on how to upgrade, it takes me to support login link. When I try and create an account, it asks me for my Full Name and E-mail, then take me back to the log in page, where I a password is required. Please help.
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