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  1. Is there any reason why we can no longer deny servers!!! When Im connected to a server in a match when I try to deny it nothing happens, I was able to deny during a match just fine.
  2. This misclassification make sense as to why Ping assist doesn't work at all for COD then. I figured this was the problem.
  3. I wish i could get in a 7ms server, that almost like having the server at your house.
  4. I agree you dont want packet lost but if ping times are high that still represent what type of connection you will have to the server and what the experience will be ingame. As matter, I finally was able to connect to 40-50ms server last night and to me it like night and day between 70 or 80 server. The "hit detection" is real thing in terms of ping and I saw it first hand last night with 40 and 50 kill games. Lower ping is must, along with no packet loss.
  5. I agree, I can tell you that the server placement makes no sense in which @Netduma Fraser acknowledged and said they may be working on.
  6. I never got a game with 30ms the best I have gotten is 60ms and that with the supposedly 26ms server out there somewhere. Its either something wrong with the metrics on the heat map or the servers that reported on there are not COD servers. I have never been able to to connect to the 26ms server even having hard time finding where that ip physically resides in the world. Google is not giving me much!!!
  7. So did Actvision make the fix or was there something you guys had to do to even get them to show again?
  8. To be honest it might not have to nothing to do with you guys, they may have those servers down for maintenance or something.
  9. I honestly dont think I have ever connected to it according to my "Allow and Deny" list. Because Im literally allowing and deny everything I connect to and I would say 95% reports back "peers" instead of "dedicated". I think honestly Im hit with distance lag on CW servers because of my location. I need to test this with other games that have servers closer to me to prove that though.
  10. Thanks Liam for responding, yes I have Geo filter enabled and it seems to be working fine. I'm finding games, it just the ping times are all 60-70ms from my location, which I am located in Mississippi. Just to give you an idea the server that reports 24ms its quite if bit a ways away from me(Im located where the purple dot is). I am convinced that the way COD server connection work is I will connect to a player, it then connects me to a server within my geo filter however the ping times are still bad. Speaking of the 26ms server, I have strange feeling about that server. I'm not able to pull any info on the internet about where this server physically sits.
  11. Guys I got everything setup properly with my XR1000 congestion control, NAT OPEN, everything, however I cant connect to any server on Cold War of ping of 60-70ms or less. Should I just chalk it up to distance lag for CW? Pingheatmap has the best server at 27ms and I think I have yet connected to it. Im going to hop on Modern Warfare and see how those servers are and see what I can connect to. Any suggestions? 70 ms ping time is tough to play on. By the way I have A+ connection in the connection benchmark and DSL reports. Also congestion control is kicking in when I play so Im good there.
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