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  1. I just disabled it but the problem continues
  2. I am downloading it to my PC, the router has it configured by default
  3. Hello good, I mention my problem, it turns out that when using the famous VPN TunnelBear it fails and it connects me and is constantly unknown, how can I solve it?
  4. Ah, it's worth a lot, thanks, it's going to perfection for me
  5. it's perfect, the problem is that I can't find the option to disable it
  6. Hello good, I comment my problem. It turns out that I have contracted a 600 megabyte fiber optic when I connect the cable to the computer it gives me 600 without a problem but when I use the netduma R1 I have a speed loss and I only get to 250. How can I solve it? Thanks in advance.
  7. Hi, good guys, I've been testing DumaOS 3.0 on Netduma R1 for a while and it's really great but it has some bugs that make me want to go back to the stable version. I have tried to go to the latest versions section but precisely the R1 version is not there and it redirects you to the DumaOS 3.0 page. Could you provide me with the link?
  8. Thank you very much, as an idea for when the final version comes out, it would be to be able to put more languages like Spanish
  9. I have a netduma r1 and I want to download the beta of duma OS, how can I do it?
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