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  1. When will we hear an update on their findings on the matter?
  2. I had to take the router out of the picture for now until there is a fix unfortunately, how better was the balance of traffic for you with Frazers recommendation.
  3. TBH at this point I'm just waiting on you guys to figure something out because I have no idea what the issue is. It very well could be on my end for all I know but I don't see how, unless the router is faulty..speaking of that I did have an antenna break the other day, it literally fell off as I picked it up after doing a factory reset.
  4. Ok I will give these a try and see what happens. My question though is, if it is port issue, would turning off traffic priority altogether get rid of the problem? If I am still sending more packets than receiving packets from the server regardless, wouldnt that mean no port options would work???
  5. So its not just me? This isnt't something that has always been an issue from what I gather. Could it be a PS5 issue, maybe because I remember when I got the Netduma when I had PS4 that is when I remember it working right. I stopped paying attention and just recently noticed it, so who knows when it started.
  6. Nope, its bad with either option. In Geo Filter in Auto Ping I am consistently sending more packets than receiving them.
  7. When I plus into the R2 and test are accurate and speeds are around where they should be. Packet Download/Upload ratio are still way off and effecting gameplay though. I have done tests with and without the router involved and I can tell a difference.
  8. Congestion Control on does seem to hurt speeds as well. Regardless of settings packet ratio is still off. All devices are on the router as well. Here are speed results using only my modem. Both speedtest where done on a laptop using wifi so there are no other differences outside of modem only and router in DMZ.
  9. Something is wrong and I have no idea what it is, look in my other thread if you want to see the rest of my issues. DMZ for opening my NAT is slowing down my connection along with this horrible down/up ratio.
  10. WAN IP for Netduma is which is what I put in. Sometimes the modem will recognized it at Dumaos then other times its unrecognized but still works. Not sure what causes this if its reboots or not. (gateway is This is wired speeds and I am on 1G down 400MB Up. I also included the LAN and WAN IP settings on the router side as well below. TBH is there a customer service number I can call to talk to someone real time. Trying to troubleshoot this mess while waiting on replies is very irritating and wasting my time.
  11. Also, I switched everything back to the Netduma this morning, ran tests and got better speeds. I noticed the game on PS5 was running moderate, so I put the router into DMZ mode and my speeds tanked. Then even with speeds fine I get double the upload packets compared to download packets.
  12. I was able to turn bridge mode on and have Netduma identify internet access on the initial setup. But after that I couldn't access internet on any device. May need help with settings. *Update* Ok so I finally got it to work back in DMZ at least. But I noticed I am getting waaaay lower speed test results with the router. With Netduma I was getting 88 Mbps down and my upload was higher on a PSN Test. When I plugged straight into my modem I am getting anywhere from 250 all the way up to 800 Down and also higher Upload. I think something is wrong with the router, as I also was having the issue with traffic priority and getting double the upload packets compared to download. I know PSN tests arent accurate but the difference in speed with and without the router concerns me, coupled with the other issue. Also speedtest.net is giving me much better results without the router involved, not small differences but substantial
  13. This didn't happen when I played on PS4. I don't use voice chat but there is voice audio going through the controller. No difference from when voice audio would go through the TV with PS4 though. Send rate is also lower than receive rate while in game.
  14. Its still doing the exact same thing. What is up with this router????
  15. Is it working out well for you? And is this correct or do I have it backwards?
  16. So is this effecting my connection? And no fix until they fix it??
  17. Just the PS5, I feel like when playing Cold War I am a step behind most the time. Or I get the usual run around a corner then die once I'm behind it. Never really noticed connection issues until recently then I noticed this.
  18. I consistantly get around 40 ping during connect test in the netduma connection benchmark. However I can consistently connect to lower ping games. I don't understand the discrepancy.
  19. Opposite for me, I am getting double Upload compared to Download. It never use to do this and I made no setting changes prior to noticing.
  20. Saved several low ping servers off the Heat Map. How do I target them to try and only to connect to them? Right now Geo Filter seems to just pick at random.
  21. Even with Classified Games on it is very loopsided. It never use to be like this.
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