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  1. This is complete BS. I had to turn of the power to switch TV's and now the router won't connect to the modem. You're telling me there is no safe way to power down the router? That is a complete joke....now I can't get the router to show up on the modem so instead of messing with my new TV I have to troubleshoot this junk router.
  2. Every time I need to unplug the router to organize something it ALWAYS causes an issue. It's either, settings will change, have to reconfigure DMZ, or everything will work except one device. I had to unplug it earlier today and everything on wifi was working fine. But for some reason the PS5 wouldn't connect to the internet via LAN until I restarted the router. I should have to worry about the next thing I am going to have to troubleshoot simply from turning power off to a router. Never had this issue with any other router/modem.
  3. Sometime it will be 2 bars and not switch to 2.4. I haven't really tested it much. Just notice I will have low signal at 5 sometimes. Right now I am literally right next to the router and its at 2.4
  4. I have wifi issues at times too. It doesn't drop out but if I am in a couple rooms over the signal strength at times will drop low on the 5 Ghz. Which doesnt make sense because it should auto switch to 2.4 if the signal goes poor. Still waiting on a fix for being able to switch channels on 5 Ghz though.
  5. Ok good to know, but the original issues still remains. They aren't working either way.
  6. The lines I added are were gone. I am pretty sure I didnt delete them either.
  7. When I got home and checked they were no longer there. I have no idea why.
  8. So 4 separate ones? Like this for example? Source: start = 1 - 6553 End: Destination = 3478 - 3479 TCP
  9. Nm, fixed it. DMZ was set to the game system and not the router for some reason
  10. No idea why, I wasn't using port forwarding on PS4 either, do I need to on 5 now?
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