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  1. Hi Musinho, thanks for your interest , I can see all the available servers for FIFA 21, but when matchmaking , the game is connecting me only to the one in Frankfurt. I would like to play on the one in Milan or Stockholm , (I played 4 games on MILAN´s 2 games on STOKHOLM´s against very good opponents i won all of them even the ping was 50+ )
  2. my button delay is like from ice age.it is so annoying.it does not matter on which server connected...
  3. Or I can change the PING ASSIST on 50+ and then I can be connected to ping assist server also in Frankfurt
  4. when the Filter is ON , to avoid this server in Frankfurt, the game does not allow me to play , I can try 1000 times.
  5. Hi Fraser , since yesterday the Geofilter does not show me on which server I am connecting...
  6. Do not worry about my quality as a player , playing FIFA since 1998 🙂 , all I need to solve is the broken gameplay...
  7. Musinho, it looks like you play fifa mate :-), can you confirm your settings, do you use Upnp? Which dns? Port forwarding?, etc... Thanks for help.
  8. Musinho, It does not matter if I change the location of my HOME in NETDUMA , it is still connecting me to the same server in Frankfurt:
  9. the game does not let me play on different server only in Frankfurt, i can watch this picture all day long :
  10. another problem, regarding auto setup QOS, before update the resultwas alwasy 5% -5% , now it looks like 98 % download, 75 % upload, thats BS i think.
  11. one more problem I can not see on which server I am connected
  12. It does not work, as expected...
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