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  1. it is OK am just extermelly disapointed that even this router did not change anything in playing FIFA online... any way could you please explain the meaning of server assisted vs server allowed ? what is the different between "Ping assist server" and "allowed server" ?
  2. Hi Fraser, I need to open the ports 9000 - 9999 but the router does not let my why ????? here are all the open ports at the moment
  3. here is the result of autosetup , shoul I use it ?
  4. Hi Fraser , so today I played 5 games with my old router (18 € worth) and here are the results , by the way I won 4 of 5 games what is really unbelievable
  5. Do you want me to use my old modem ? no way , it was much much worse...
  6. WOW ! with this connection you should be TOP 100 in the world. On which one server do you play mostly ?
  7. Look at the results from 20.november, especially "packet loss"
  8. https://help.ea.com/en/ea-connection-quality-report/ here it is possible to check "Match history" with datas : Match Date, Game status, FIFA connection quality , PING , Packet loss, JITTER
  9. So here I am again, bad news I lost 14 games in a row , from some reason "JITTER " raised to cca 1,24 now again I am not able to control the game. Is it possible to get it in the normal condition Fraser ?
  10. There is one more "thing " maybe administrator can help. you can check the history of your connection quality on "https://help.ea.com/en/ea-connection-quality-report/" what are your results ? I can see that when my packet loss is more than 0.09 % I can not control my players . is it possible to do something with this issue ?
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