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  1. So I took the router back into my office, logged back into the interface, did a factory reset again and brought it back into the family room where I have it running through MoCA to console. I was able to log back on to mobile app, so we’re good there. Ping times aren’t that great....but at least it’s functional. The ping times I’m getting aren’t really any better than if I ran the console direct from MoCa. Was hoping for better results, but at least it’s functional.
  2. No luck there either. I haven’t changed the LAN IP to my knowledge. Should still be the same as when we finally got it to get to the interface on the PC
  3. Just uninstalled, reinstalled (to make sure I had the most current version)and then tried again. Same result.
  4. Yes, prior to the firmware update, I was using the app and changed the theme. It did not give me a Netdum wifi option other than “Netduma R2” in wifi. So I connected to that one....the only one. Also, yes, I was on Netdumas wifi when I was trying to connect. Just on my other wifi now as it’s a stronger connection for my phone.
  5. I’ve always selected the R1/R2 option....but yes, just confirmed that’s what I was doing and it still says can’t connect to server.
  6. That worked! The only problem I’m having now is that I don’t use this router in the main PC room....I use it on an Xbox and I need to make any adjustments from the mobile app and it won’t connect to the mobile app now.....but the router is at least functional.
  7. Fraser, just tried all of the things you mentioned above....still the same result. It will not move past the bandwidth page. Any idea moving forward? Thank you.
  8. I will give this a try tonight when I get back home and see if that works. I will update you with the results. Thanks for your time Fraser.
  9. Thanks for the reply back. Currently not home...at the office. But last night I had cleared both the cache and history on both Firefox and Edge for browsers and for the same result....it would not advance past that bandwidth page. It’s clearly getting an internet signal according to the light being lit on the router and me being able to pull that page up at all, but for whatever reason, no matter how I try to run it...different ports....it won’t let me get to the interface.
  10. Fraser....it’s not much to look at it’s just the download bandwidth page like I was saying. I click next and it does nothing....at all. There has to be a way to reset this thing short of the reset button on the back that’s doing absolutely nothing. Do you guys have any kind of phone support or is this it? Having to chime in on here to get a response a day isn’t the best way to get this done. Thanks.
  11. Fraser, it doesn’t allow me to pass the screen where it asks you your max download and upload speed. I click next and it just stays there. I can’t get to the interface.
  12. Fraser, how am I supposed to access the settings if I can’t get into the router? When I type in the routers IP address, I get the Netduma | Duma OS screen that says “could not detect an internet connection”. There’s a retry button and a WAN Setup button.....but within any of that, there is no setup option. There’s no way to get into the routers options.
  13. Fraser, no idea what PPPoE or DHCP is. I’m running this the same way I was prior to the update. I let the modem sit overnight per your suggestion in another thread to see if that would help. I’m still getting the DumaOS page up and then it just says “could not detect an internet connection”. However, I have the power, internet, 2.4 and 5ghz lights lit solid, I get the dumaos page up so there’s a connection somewhere....but for whatever reason, it won’t set up. This is getting pretty frustrating. its also coming up in my wifi but is telling me it’s unjoinable. I’m running this from a MoCA adapter and a netgearc7000. Again, no issues before the update.
  14. Did an update to the new firmware and then a factory reset and now the router won’t connect to the internet. I can’t get this thing to do anything. According to the lights, I have a connection, but on screen it will not connect.
  15. So, I bought the R2 specifically for my Xbox. Currently the house is on an Xfinity router (I'm in the US) and the house runs off of Google wifi units and the only things are wired to the router directly are two PC's in the room with the router and the main Google wifi unit. My Xbox is in another room on the other end of the house so my plan was to run a MoCA adapter in that room to get an internet signal and just plug the router in from that. I haven't got the MoCA adapter yet (it comes today), but the router came yesterday, so I figured I would set it up off the Xfinity modem/router last night so that it would be good to go when the MoCA came in today. Well, when I plug everything into the R2 and run ethernet from the R2 to the Xfinity router, I get nothing. The PC's don't get a connection. Do I have to run the Xfinity modem in bridged in order for the devices plugged into the R2 to recognize a connection? I'm wondering if this will pose a problem when I go to run the R2 of the MoCA? Will I not be able to run two routers off the same modem signal? Is my only way around this to buy another modem and pay for another service in the house? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.
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