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  1. Absolutely. I appreciate all of the help through the correspondence. Thank you.
  2. No worries. Gave that a go. Still won't load up.....
  3. Still nothing. Again, went through all the steps this morning to try and just get this router to reset back to factory so that I can try and actually use it as it was intended. Hoping to see the light at the end of this tunnel soon. Thanks for your help.
  4. Still no WiFi lights at all as well....
  5. Hi Fraiser. Tried it, got nothing. Page wouldn't load.
  6. It was updated with the current version the last time it was up and running...able to get to the dashboard. I don't think you guys have changed it in a couple of months, correct? And yes, it's always been the power adapter that came with the unit.
  7. I hadn't used it in a bit because we were renovating the office here. I started using it again about 2 or 3 weeks ago. It went into DumaOS the first time I plugged it in and tried to get to the dashboard....and did so successfully. Ever since then, it has just been doing the same thing talked about in this thread.....which is essentially just a switch with no ability to get to the dashboard.
  8. Is there a way to just set this thing back to the way it came out of the box? I've tried both unplugging it for a bit and holding the reset down for over 30 seconds....and neither seem to get this router back to working. Still strange though that I run both PC's through it without a problem. I just can't use the DumaOS functionality.
  9. It's not registering a WiFi signal. Neither of the Wifi lights on the R2 are even lit.
  10. The motherboards for both of the PC's in this office don't have wifi capabilities. I won't be able to join a wireless network with them.
  11. Problem I’m having now is that the ports that have lan plugged in from PC’s (port 1 and 3) will go solid for about 3 seconds, shut off for about 7 seconds and just repeat this over and over. They never stay solid.
  12. Liam, absolutely. But, before I do that.....what are you considering a reboot? Unplugging, letting it sit for a bit and then plugging it back in? Or holding reset for 30 seconds and then releasing the reset button?
  13. Not to my knowledge. How would I go about checking to see if that's the case?
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