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  1. @Netduma Liam The security cameras still works when I open them, but as soon as I close the liveview they disconnect almost instantly which they don't do before. Okay, I'll try to find out their IP in their app.
  2. @Netduma Fraser @Netduma Liam This is kind of urgent. There were reports in my community that there's a hacker trying to get in our wifi. I'm currently managing the network and there are 4 devices I cannot delete in the network map. What are those? I'm thinking they might be security cams? I have 4. The other one is not yet connected since I changed the wifi password earlier. So currently there's 3 connected.
  3. @Netduma Liam Yeah.. That dude didn't tell me if it's TCP or UDP. I emailed him again I hope he replies quick. Also which ones here should I toggle on (see attached image)?
  4. @Netduma Fraser I got the port. They said they only use one for wild rift: 10001 How should I put it in the QoS?
  5. Only found the ones for other platforms. Should I just send them an email?
  6. Yes, the bandwidth allocation. The traffic prioritizion I haven’t yet.
  7. @Netduma Liam In-game. I haven’t tried the geo filter yet. Also there’s no preset for League of legends Wild rift (LoL mobile version).
  8. @Netduma Liam omg! my ping’s only 30. From time to time it goes up to 60. It would’ve been better if it stays 30. lol. So.. with it going up to 60.. is there any way I can do to prevent that? If not it’s okay I guess. I’m happy with 30-60 ping as long as it doesn’t go up more than 60.
  9. @Netduma Liam Oooh. I don’t know about that. After all this time I despise of 2.4ghz. lol. I will try 2.4ghz and let you guys know, but I can’t play today.
  10. @Netduma Fraser I’m not completely sure about this, but isn’t the 2.4ghz has a slower speed than 5ghz?
  11. @Netduma Fraser Through wifi. I used to have 30-40 ping constant. I’m playing League of Legends Wild Rift. It’s a mobile game version of League of Legends. I can see the spikes in game. Currently I have 70-80 constant ping with the ISP’s with R2, I have 70-240 ping.
  12. @Netduma Fraser Slow speeds. When playing games there are lag spikes.
  13. @Netduma Fraser I just noticed that the R2 is slower than the ISP’s modem/router. Also, there are times that the 5ghz takes time to appear in the wifi search. 2.4ghz is always there.
  14. Thanks! So I woke up this morning to find thr R2 disconnected. I just did a power cycle and it's back online again. I don't know why that happened.
  15. @Netduma Fraser It's on the west of US again. It's the same one I blocked earlier. The ID is 96365823d335d6db **It's outside of the zone I created. UPDATE: 2 new servers that was tried to block (in the west, outside of the zone I created): 7eb84813551d4348 and 240d34ffaac33338 ( I allowed it) I still can't get in the game. UPDATE#2: I got a penalty for "leaving" the game even though it was not really connecting.
  16. @Netduma Fraser Okay. I started a game. It succesfully found the match and we picked our characters (champions). After that it failed to go through the actual game. It says failed to connect. I tried to keep tapping on 'reconnect', but still won't go in the game. Up until now I can't go to the menu because the match is still ongoing and the error message that let's me know if I want to reconnect keeps popping up. The match has to end I think.
  17. Okay, should I delete all the 'Allow and Deny' list?
  18. @Netduma Fraser Doing that right now.. Filtering mode on or disabled? **Oh and btw the strict mode was on all the time. Update: Tried to resync cloud and this error happened (screenshot attached):
  19. I don't know how to find that out. lol.
  20. Can I do something to improve the latency?
  21. So I have 4 servers blocked and nothing new came up.
  22. Yes and when I blocked it there's another one that popped up, but that one I cann't block because the old server that I blocked is blocking it (it's on top of it so I can't click it). Update: I blocked it. I don't know how I clicked it. lol
  23. No that was the last server that popped up. But it lasted like atleast 5 or 10 seconds then it showed the other servers I blocked.
  24. What I did was deny the servers using the ping thingy. Although I'm not sure if that's what you mean? So I did deny those 2 servers then a new server came up so I saved it for now. I'm currently playing with the 2 servers blocked. Update: So I blocked the new server. There's still no difference. I didn't have any issues.
  25. Here is the ID: d1345823d1703035 (after playing it changed to 96365823d335d6db) Domain name: gem-speedtest-c1c61140440c4040.elb.us-west-1.amazonaws.com. I turned the Filtering mode, but I don't know how to exclude that server?
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