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  1. Thank you! I am currently looking for a fan for my R2. So to confirm one last time, QoS can overheat and cause the R2 to disconnect?
  2. Okay I took the front cover of the mini fan and placed it under the R2 so there's some kind of vent going on there. The problem is the fan is not working anymore, but I hope the front cover of the mini fan would work.
  3. Like this: But it's currently disabled because I'm scared that it might have issues again.
  4. I didn't check, but I just restarted the router and it fixed it. But this never happened before since the last update. Also before that my games are lagging even though the speedtests comes up 800mbps download, 700mbps upload, and 5 ms ping. That's why I adjusted the QoS and that happened.
  5. Okay so no problem since our last talk here. So I tried adjusting the QoS and geo filter. After 30 minutes the R2 disconnected, but the modem router from ISP has internet...
  6. @Netduma Fraser Last night the issue came back and I restarted the R2 then after a few minutes the internet is gone again and then restarted the R2 again then I fell asleep. Woke up at 3am and there's no internet restarted the R2 again. It's been 30 minutes now that the R2 hasn't disconnected yet. You guys have new updates?
  7. So I did it a week ago. The disconnection issue still keeps coming back and I think it's a little worse because it's more frequent and just today I restarted the R2 and it connected for a couple of minutes then disconnected again. So I'm going to connect the R2 to my devices only because people here have meetings and they keep getting disconnected. I don't know if it will affect the R2, but I will use the wifi of the modem for the rest of the people here. Is there a new update or something? @Netduma Fraser
  8. Okay. Won't be able to perform a reset until everyone in the house is asleep. I might be able to do it next week.
  9. @Netduma Fraser I had to power cycle the R2 again. What's going on? It keeps happening..
  10. Everything's fine now. Went back to what we talked about in this thread. I did the static IP and enabled the DMZ. But get this.. it was not just the ipad there's also another device that was also working, my in laws were in a zoom meeting. So my inlaws' laptop and my ipad were the only ones that were working. Anyways everything's fine now.
  11. Update: It's weird all devices are disconnected. Cannot surf the net or music. Also can't access Dumaos/ and the modem, BUT my ipad's games are online. It doesn't even have lte. I have no clue what's going on... I'm going to restart everything and hope to access modem to give R2 static address.
  12. It happened again today. Hold on let me check it.
  13. There's no pattern at all. Today the internet of R2 is not working again. This time, even with power cycling it still not connecting even though the ISP's modem is working just fine (tested through ethernet and wifi).
  14. @Netduma Fraser Sorry for the super late reply. Forget about the 3ds thing. There's a new issue that's been bothering us. The R2 sometimes disconnects and reconnects. But there are times that when it disconnects it doesn't reconnect. I would have to power cycle it a few times before it finally connects. I have always confirmed that it's the R2 and not the ISP.
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