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  1. Update: It's weird all devices are disconnected. Cannot surf the net or music. Also can't access Dumaos/ and the modem, BUT my ipad's games are online. It doesn't even have lte. I have no clue what's going on... I'm going to restart everything and hope to access modem to give R2 static address.
  2. It happened again today. Hold on let me check it.
  3. There's no pattern at all. Today the internet of R2 is not working again. This time, even with power cycling it still not connecting even though the ISP's modem is working just fine (tested through ethernet and wifi).
  4. @Netduma Fraser Sorry for the super late reply. Forget about the 3ds thing. There's a new issue that's been bothering us. The R2 sometimes disconnects and reconnects. But there are times that when it disconnects it doesn't reconnect. I would have to power cycle it a few times before it finally connects. I have always confirmed that it's the R2 and not the ISP.
  5. Today I cannot access Dumaos/. And on my nintendo 2ds I cannot find the 5ghz, but could see and connect to 2.4ghz with internet connection. All happening at the same time. I'm going to try and restart the R2 by unplugging and plugging back in..
  6. Wow. Like a magic. Yeah it works! Thank you! Update: Hold on. There's no internet connection. I'll try to reboot again. Update2: Okay so I guess 2 reboots? Everything's fine now.
  7. I haven't done the upgrade yet. In the settings both 2.4 and 5ghz are enabled and broadcast ssid. I even turning off the 2.4ghz and back on, but no luck.
  8. @Netduma Fraser Okay so I cannof see 2.4ghz anymore. All the ones that are connected to it cannot find thr ssid. But there's still 5ghz...
  9. It's back on. Sorry for the late reply. Should I update or not?
  10. @Netduma Fraser Im sorry for the very late reply! It hasn't happened for so long until today. Today it's taking too long. It's still not connected to the internet while our ISP's modem is connected.
  11. @Netduma Fraser Just today for a couple of minutes the wifi was lost and now that the internet is back I can't access Dumaos.
  12. @Netduma Fraser Okay, just today the 2.4ghz is gone. Devices suddenly lost connection to 2.4ghz, but the 5ghz and ethernet is fine. Update: Tried to wait if it will come back up again on its own, but didn't. I had to reboot the R2 and it came back. Should I upgrade now or should I wait?
  13. @Netduma Fraser I'm asking where should I draw the polygon mode on the map in geo filter to achieve lower ping for all of us in Valorant. And yes we can choose which servers in the Valorant, also which servers should I choose too so we can all benefit?
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