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  1. My antennas broke two of them I need to replace them can you tell me the name of the the antennas so I can order them thanks or tell me what to buy that's compatible to my netduma r2 router
  2. Hi two broke I need spares
  3. Hi where can I buy 2 antennas for netduma r2
  4. Hi we're can I buy netduma r2 antennas
  5. The sign in screen doesn't Allow me to sign in
  6. When I'm able to get into router I can screen shot you
  7. The ping heat map there is no ping server to select and the ping shows it's over 200 ping and in game it runs up and down between 50 to 80 or 80 to 120 sometimes and I can't factory reset the router or can't log into router and I keep getting internet connection problems in game is there anyway for you took take a look at my router
  8. How do I fix the lag I'm always lagging black ops
  9. What do I do I can't play it with lagging all the time black ops 4
  10. We need better black ops 4 server
  11. I can't sign in to router dashboard
  12. How to do a factory reset if I can't log in
  13. Hi I can't sign in
  14. Hi I can't sign in to netduma
  15. How do I configure router so that stops but nat type people can still join my lobby and I can join. There's
  16. Because there mad they got there ass kicked
  17. How do I change ports on router so people stop sending spam emails to my IP address because when they send traffic to my IP address if I m playing a game it would throw me off the game
  18. Hi how do I stop people from spamming my IP address but still allow people to Join my lobby
  19. Hi my ping test is coming back a + not a while circle of green and packet loss is 1.00 percent how do I get a + ping test and the whole circle green
  20. Hi do I go according to in game ping or on netduma r2 connection bench mark
  21. Yeah but they don’t have any good black ops servers I only play black ops 4
  22. Hi can I play on Cold War server to play black ops 4 the Cold War server ping has a better heat map ping ms is low . Compared to black ops 4 server is the ping is to high sometimes
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