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  1. My main reason for asking was I thought maybe my ISP's (Virgin) servers were in Leeds so I wondered if that could be giving me a higher ping
  2. Hi, in game it says my geographical region is Leeds when I live nowhere near Leeds, not sure if its coincidence or not but we was looking for a present for our daughters birthday the other day on Smyths toys and it said our local store was Leeds. Is this something I can change or should it be this way? Cheers.
  3. Since today's update it's now taking ages to find a game
  4. Played for quite a few hours yesterday and didn't get the error once but today its happening loads.
  5. No I'm still getting the error Not as often though.
  6. https://nerdschalk.com/how-to-fix-unable-to-join-party-3-issue-in-cold-war/ Found this link, none of the "fixes" they mention actually work 🙄 lol Theres lots on google I just type 'cold war unable to join party (3)' I'm going to stick to believing it's a game related issue rather than the duma as I can still join games with my geo filter on and the southern half of the UK selected and when I get the error i keep trying until i get a game if not then i restart my console then it works for a few games strangely. One thing that is confusing I see people saying they get the error when trying to join friends but I play solo and still get the error when finding a match.
  7. Sometimes yes but most of the time restarting the game seems to work. Although I googled the error and it seems a lot of people are getting the same issue so I'm starting to think it's a game issue not the R2
  8. I'm having the exact same issue Im on PS4 Pro, ISP is Virgin Media.
  9. Ok so seems like my best settings are around 60 - 70% This is 60% Higher average ping and jitter but ping under load is a lot flatter This is 70% Average ping and jitter are lower but ping under load is a bit more spiky Which should I stick with? Thanks
  10. I have upgraded to the new software version on the R2 and this is my benchmark after the upgrade not changed any settings Then this one after a reboot Ping under load as you can see not great. I'm just trying to get it back down with congestion control but so far can't get anywhere near what I had before the upgrade.
  11. Worth a try I guess, I'll give them a call and see what they say not very hopefull they'll understand though I phoned them about the cables coming into my house looking a bit old and worn and they sent me a new ethernet cable 🤦🏼‍♂️🤣
  12. Congestion control is still too aggressive for me still set me to 1% on auto setup
  13. Not really sure on what I can do now, if I decide to change ISP I'm going to have to wait a while as my contract renewed just before a got the R2 about 2 months ago and then theres the question of whether the new ISP will be any better for me ping wise. I guess I've got some homework to do 🙄
  14. Now that makes sense as it seems all my neighbour's are also using Virgin because their ssid shows up in my phones available networks and they all start with vm. I am in quite a heavily populated area too.
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