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  1. Thank you for all your support. 👍🏻
  2. Yeah you're right just played a few games and it doesn't appear offline. From what I can tell everything seems to be working now with no other issues.
  3. thank you, Everything seems to be working now. I have noticed though that on the network map my all my ethernet devices go offline for a few seconds then back online every couple of minutes and also on the ports table ports 1, 4 and wan port disappear then come back. And there seems to possibly be an error every 5 minutes in in the logs
  4. Done another test this morning and I got 524 down with QoS disabled and 552 down with QoS enabled.
  5. First test with QoS disabled I got 550 down but not every test gives me close results, it varies from around 350 - 480. Could that be due to peak times?
  6. Yes internet is now working with Virgin hub in router mode I gave the R2 a static ip and added to DMZ and disabled wifi on the Virgin hub.
  7. Also the underside of the R2 is almost to hot to touch constantly, is this normal? Thanks
  8. Yes congestion control is set to never.
  9. Yes virgin hub is in modem mode as that was the only way I could eventually get it to work. When it was in router mode the R2 wasn't getting any connection and wasn't showing in the virgin hubs connected devices. Theres nothing connected between the virgin hub and R2. Do you mean the R2 QoS feature? If so then yes. I have the R2 all on default atm. Sorry about this and thanks.
  10. On the virgin hub the DMZ by default is 192.168.0. Only the last digit can be changed but the wan ip of the R2 doesn't start with 192.168 so I cannot add to the virgin hub. I pay for the M500 package on virgin and I get up to 220 down and 36 up on WiFi and up to 260 down and 36 up on ethernet through speedtest.net.
  11. After resetting the R2 multiple times I managed to get it all working with the virgin hub in modem mode. I tried it in router mode but I couldn't add the ip to dmz as the virgin hub would only let me change the last digit of the ip. Is it possible the ethernet ports would stop providing internet again if I ever have to reset or reboot the router? This is all new to me and my first time owning my own router I've always just used the ISP provided equipment and the only setting I've played about with is the ssid and password. I'm slowly picking it up by searching online. Also do I need the DumaOS to be open on a laptop or desktop while playing games on PS4? The only other issue I'm having is I only seem to be getting half my paid for download speeds when testing on speedtest.net but the connection benchmark in DumaOS is showing my full speed. Thanks.
  12. Ok I have taken my virgin hub out of modem mode and now I can't get any internet from the r2. Is it possible I have a faulty unit?
  13. Will I need to give it a static ip and add to dmz?
  14. No sorry my v6 TiVo television box uses ethernet for on demand tv my superhub has a connection and is working fine and the wifi on the r2 is working fine too.
  15. Hi, All PS4 settings are set to automatic and it hasn't got a static ip assigned. My virgin v6 box is connected via ethernet and also says 'no network connectivity' and I tried a laptop on ethernet and that also has no connectivity.
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