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  1. You actually never sent me an invoice with an order number. I only have the PayPal transaction ID so this is all I have as an order reference.
  2. I got the email. Thank you. I hope you realize that the original packaging is not in tact, as the pictures I posted display. It's like it was taken for a swim before being dropped off and the factory packaging inside the shipping box basically disintegrated when I was unpacking it but the "black box" is still in good enough shape to use to reship it back
  3. I have been told the exact same thing about the cloud resync, have done it so many times, waiting different intervals before trying it again and always get the same message. Not sure what this even does but I was instructed to do it to trouble shoot. I'm also wanting my money back. You guys are really slow to respond, don't appear to have a well structured tech support system so I'm getting an early look at what I can expect in the future. This unit is totally RNG and is doing nothing more than what my cheap router is already doing from what I can see. There is no way to actually see (confirm) where you were connected, this is mind boggling tbh (log file?) it clearly doesn't connect me to areas I select in Geo Filter and just provides random nonsense - like the below. An icon for a ping assisted player in Europe when I'm only selecting NA. So what? Why would I even care about this? Emailing you now to arrange returning this... PS- like another chap mentioned, I finally used the QoS Rapp and see I'm losing about 250-300MBPS download comapred to my old unit. Upload remains the same at 980 on my 1G connx, but you're eating up my DL bandwidth as well...
  4. See this guy has simplified my concerns. He clearly states that he can select a location and connect, as in that region that he paints up. Me? I go to Europe and get US pings. So where I had hopes that my test of 3 connects for polygon'd mid-west locations I was getting somewhere, god knows where I actually was connected but I think I'm basically connecting the same as I would w/o this unit. Forget the whole SBMM crap. I don't care about that. I want to connect to a specific server location. Very simple and your replies still haven't told me that I can, in fact, do this? Anyways, I'm done for the day. Wasted far too many hours on this for the 2nd consecutive day and while I appreciate you taking time to reply, the only way this is going to get done is if I have a live person on skype or w/e walk through it it appears b/c I'm not getting anywhere at this rate. I work for a technology company and would have engaged the customer directly, not via a public forum. Doing all this is wasting an incredible amount of time for both of us is unproductive
  5. No, I've been trying it on my own. Wouldn't want to waste all my mates time with this. It looks like I needed to understand the ping assist better. Setting the ping assist to 60, marking up 2 mid-west regions and joining random trios 3xs in a row I was less <60ms each time, which is encouraging as Im typically 78ms out there I believe. Now the key will be what are my parties pings when I try with them. If they're higher than me, and all being much closer to the regions I've selected, it will be obvious I'd think that I'm not actually connecting to this mid west cluster of servers.
  6. I just turned filtering on for a Great Britain region and I just keep connecting, then disconnect, connect, disconnect so I can see the filtering restricting me here but this is all very confusing as there isn't anywhere I can manually choose a ping max that I can see that I can adjust to suit. The router is forcing me to play wherever it appears. This is all contrary to the perceived value in this router before I bought it. I bought it so I can host my mates across the US and Canada and select a "mid point" as to where I want us to join so we all get fairly even pings. Been gaming for over 20 yrs and why when we used to be able to rent servers, I'd always rent a DAL or CHI server. If this piece of high tech kit won't allow me to do this, then ya, I have to return it as it's useless to me. It's clearly meant for an individual, not to benefit a group.
  7. Cloud sync has yet to work, regardless of what I do, how long I wait.
  8. Sure thing, here you go, everything I could fit in my screen. While I'd love to mitigate SBMM as best as I can and yes, lots of rumours, that's not why I bought this. It was to aid in getting into decent servers.
  9. I'm in BC Canada. If you're now telling me that being on an hour away from the Washington State border is limiting this unit as being of any use, well that would have been good to know. I have excellant internet svc, 1G up/down btw.. No other way to put it other than everything I see is very erratic and rng.. I had Filtering on, couldn't connect. Disconnect and then all of a sudden the icons (mostly useless ylw icons) start showing up and and then disappear. None of the icons I see remain static either. You didn't let me know of the importance or main purpose of filtering. The only thing I'm filtering at this point is regions I wish to connect to, where it be with radar or poly. As said, with filtering on and a poly around that mid west cluster I couldn't connect to anything for over 15 mins. Just now went back to Europe where I pinned my home base as UK and ended up in a 50ms server. If I'm getting 50ms to Euro servers that's fine by me but we know that's not what's happening.Here's an rng eg. Ping assist player? So, I don't have any friends on currently let alone have any friends in Cali that play.
  10. So using the polygon to select a region I know to show several servers, I've have been trying to connect for over 20 mins now with no luck. At one point I had several icons once again briefly display, blocked server and blocked players mostly. I get blocked players but I haven't blocked a server and wouldn't have had the ability prior to this router anyways.
  11. I also have nothing show up in my geo filtering. Nada, regardless of radius, ping assist etc. This is the SOLE reason I bought this thing. If you guys can't sort me out and at least respond by tomorrow, just send me the return label/info. I'm done with screwing around with this and the anxiety and waste of time. I get one response from you guys, reply to it, no further response and you're in UK and I'm West Coast NA so you're almost done for the day, again. Service needs to be there.. I've restarted it, reset factory defaults and I still get a big damn blank page.
  12. At least you got yours to work! I bought mine in hopes of the same thing but more to ensure connection to certain regions where I can get my mates and I all in a server with equal distant pings - I live West, they mostly central or eastern. Thing you have to realize is after the videos and talk about major streamers using this sort of tech to get bot lobbies, you realize now there will be a huge amount of people doing the same as what you just did, right? So those "mid west" servers that typically had the "easiest" lobbies will now be targeted by casuals wanting to get in an antiperspirant free lobby, or, the freekin sweats will go there for their kill races etc to feast on noobs. If this success was legit and existed early on, it will surely have caught on and in the end most all regions will level out. SBMM is a joke and your best bet to get them is playing with console players. A guy I play with on weekends constantly puts us in Bronze lobbies but that said, the last win with him hosting was a Diamond *shrug*
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