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  1. Netduma Alex, You guys should post something about the Dumb Switch Method, for customers who use netgear routers and that are At&t customers using fiber. Just an Idea, it might reduce some trouble shooting threads, for people here in thew states who use At&t internet.
  2. Figgles, I also have at&t fiber, ip pass through, dmz+, cascade router, are broken in any At&t modem router combos that they give their customers, its a known fact. Use the dumb switch method works perfectly for any router. I do not have the xr500 I use a asus rt-axu88, I am debating on trying this router out, but all I see here on the netduma and netgear froums is alot of issues with this hardware. I am waiting for them to drop the new fw and see if that fixes the issues. Here is the link on how to set it up. https://www.dslreports.com/forum/r32094182-
  3. Hey admins I am still having login issues into the forums? I have tried using my user name and email and it always will lock me out. I have to change my password every time I want to log into the forums. Thanks in advance.
  4. Why do I have to reset my password every time I visit this website?? Thanks.
  5. Hey Cross, I have been using the dumb switch method for almost a year now. I have had no issues with doing this, Set-up: Asus AX88U Netgear S8000 Switch, you could use a different switch. I have been debating about trying the XR500, but I see alot of issues that people have with this product. I have never really been a big fan of netgear products, to be honest. For fot to mention I also have at&t fiber 1 gig. Here is the link on how to set it up. https://www.dslreports.com/forum/r32094182-
  6. So is it worth it to get this router or should I stay away from it?? See a alot of threads about issues with this router. I have Att fiber 1 gig, so wondering if I should make a change from what I have now. Thanks in advance.
  7. So setting up my pc to 95% on the QOS thing for both up load and down load gives me the speeds that I am use to having. 975 down and 975 u. I have unchecked the share thing, should I leave it unchecked or check it to share it? Yes it does, but I only use internet with att. But I think it should work the same, but dont quote me on it.
  8. I have the pace 5268AC, its in passthrough mode, rx500 in dmz. When I got the att service they gave me that router too. I had alot of issues with my asus 3100 until I found some info on telling att to give you the pace 5268ac. Call att and tell them you want that router! They will exchange it for you and then look at this video on how to configure it, its simple and it works.
  9. Hey guys new to the forums and finally decided to get the XR500, not a big fan of netgear products, to be honest. I am coming from an Asus ac-rt3100 which I had no issues with sppeds or wifi, the QOS is ok not as in depth as the XR500. I live in Los Angeles, and I have At&t gigabit 1000 down 1000 up. I my speeds with the asus were always around 975 up 975 down and ping stayed around 3 to 5ms. Now with XR500 if I turn off QOS I get around those speeds, with it on, I get what I have configured in the QOS. I dont get the 975 like I did on the Asus, but lets be honest when you download stuff you will never use those speeds anyways. I know the ps4 has a download cap, and yes it does down load fast at times. Now for my questions 1. When I do the geo thing for black ops, am I suppose to see alot of servers on the map. I have set my radius to 691 miles, cali of course, also picked the COD profile. I have to join a game and its a peer to peer or dedicated server, just one. 2. I am a big BF4 player, I know that the geo thing really does not work for bf games, but there is a profile for it, how does it work? Also I thought BF games were always dedicated servers not peer to peer. I joined one and it showed it as a peep to peer? Other than that, I really like this product, it looks like it can do alot of stuff for bandwidth, I just need to figure it out, I will in time. Thanks in advance guys. Pink
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