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  1. Hi I use PureVPN but didnt have much luck on the original R1 software but the app works well on windows and android as end point use.I'd like to help testing!! 🙂
  2. Thanks for the reply Pollutionblues. That's a shame , I hoped there would be a way of messing with subnet masks or something else I don't quite understand .lol . Thanks again.
  3. Hi All, Anyone now how to access the vigor modem web stats page/change settings within the modem from the duma ? Both devices still using the default ip 's and Cheers Andrew
  4. Congratulations , well deserved, thanks for all your help!!
  5. 4 netduma R1's on ebay , not in the uk bud , where are you , I might be interested if they're cheap enough?
  6. Thanks for the update , keep up the good work,really looking forward to the improvements!! Your doing a great job and deserve credit not BS!! The R1 works very well as is! That's what we all bought!!!......... not the right to complain when a huge completely free update gets delayed. So there's another delay big deal! How can we get the update faster , bitch and moan at the developers to really help them focus on helping us,I think not ........
  7. HI I've just joined PureVPN and i need the configuration file t o put into the router, unfortunately there chat support says the router is not supported and cant help. I have seen others with the same issue but the thread is old and the link to the config file no longer works . Can anyone help? Thanks
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