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  1. Netduma, I've been on the 179 firmware since it was released and it's been halfway stable up until last week when it's been disconnecting from the internet several times a day. Pretty disappointing given my previous router would run indefinitely without any problems... JoeGantic
  2. I did that and it didn't help. I ended up using the reset button, updating again for good measure and the redoing all my settings. So far so good... JoeGantic
  3. Hello, I've updated to the new firmware and did a factory reset. Then I redid all my settings device names etc yet again which takes a good long while . Now I can't access the router. It just keeps asking for my login/password repeatedly even though it's set to the default admin/password. This is really getting old, Help! JoeGantic
  4. Not the most recent one but the one before that. I was hoping to wait until the real deal is released before I went through the hassle of the reset again. The traffic rules seem to be working for now even when they don't show up in the list and aren't something I need to change all the time... JoeGant
  5. Sadly the problem came back again but this time a reboot fixed it instead of having to do a factory reset... JoeGantic
  6. Fraser, Just wanted to let you know I did a factory reset yesterday and now when I add a Traffic Rule it does show up in the list. So far so good, I'll update if it crops up again... Thanks, JoeGantic
  7. Unfortunately I've had to switch back to my old router. The R2 lost internet several more times just in the last hour and was beginning to seriously affect our livelihoods due to working/schooling at home... JoeGantic
  8. Fraser, I'll try the reset in the off hours tonight. I gather there is no way to back up all my device names, settings etc. so I'll have to re-enter all that manually correct? I've already set the lease hours to 168 a couple weeks ago which didn't seem to do much. It seems to becoming more unstable as time goes on, today the router has disconnected from the internet completely twice and it's not even noon here... JoeGantic
  9. Can we at least get a ballpark idea for planning purposes? Are we looking at months, years, never? JoeGantic
  10. I've had the R2 for 2 months now and just about every day I have devices disconnecting and the internet stalls while streaming. It does this on both the wifi and ethernet connections. I also have problems with streaming services stalling and restarting multiple times a day. A reboot fixes it for a short time but the problems soon return. I've installed a firmware provided but the problems continue. Is there anything else I can do since there is no firmware update yet? Thanks, JoeGantic
  11. What's disappointing is that I made the mistake of believing them and now my return window is closed... JoeGantic.
  12. Will do. I might wait for the official firmware update and do it then, need to take a break from the thing for awhile. Thanks for your help... JoeGantic
  13. Fraser I installed it and confirmed it updated but it did not fix this particular problem. None of the previous rules I made show up and I tried making another test one and it didn't either, though I have about a half dozen that activate now if I toggle the disable all button off... Joe
  14. Fraser I'd rather not do that as it would show my device list but I can tell you when I add a new rule when I hit the final OK button it shows up quickly on the two right panes but nothing shows up in the traffic rules area.
  15. Fraser, what I'm experimenting with is being able to shut off a roku streaming box at night. See attached video showing what's happening and let me know if I'm just not understanding it or if something isn't working as intended. Thanks! Traffic_Controller_-_DumaOS_-_Google_Chrome_2020-10-10_07-51-19.mp4
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