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  1. Man i wish i was getting that high i hit 600 out of a gig lol and there is no fix that im know of
  2. Congestion Control 3 line option menu? What is that could you send me a picture?
  3. Sorry i didn't see this message but yea it sucks my dude i feel the pain
  4. Can someone please tell me why after i download the update, update my router then factory reset the router to make sure everything is good i run a speed test and im only getting 300 mbps when i have gig internet im not understanding this yes i have the right Eithernet cables yes they or connected in the right posts yes my pc and hand 1gig internet because if i just connected my modem to my pc i get over a gig download no the qos settings are not enabled i have made sure everything on my end is good before i designed to write this topic so can someone please tell me why im still having internet speed problems with this router im not going to lie its getting old I love netduma but im really starting to get ticked off because i got the router to have the best gaming connection i can possibly get you know this thing the router was made for but some how im not getting that and its been since lunch
  5. Can i get a interim firmware before my wife flip out again because the internet isn't acting right
  6. Ok i understand well heres to hope it comes out next week thanks for the update
  7. Im just wondering what happened to the update we were supposed to get like 3 weeks ago you guys haven't been communicating so i thought i would ask
  8. This is using console service and setting it up manually by port forwarding and just putting the port number in the traffic prioritization i have been doing it manually for years now because that's the most reliable way for me ...but ill try and send a video
  9. Well when I play apex the traffic prioritization circle is always red and the prioritzation upload and download numbers or always moving going up like they show but when i play call of duty the number and the red circle cuts on and off it doesn't seem like its always prioritizing the traffic for call of duty the upload and download number dont really move lets say i played apex for a hour and i got 1225 packages Prioritized over everything on my network upload and download and i stop play apex and start play call of duty for 3 hours my package prioritizing may go up to 1300 upload and download packages that has been prioritized but on the xr500 that number would be alot more and the red circle never would go off until i shut the game down then it would stop prioritizing
  10. Mostly apex and call of duty csgo overwatch i Mostly only play fps games
  11. Yea i know who that guy is i have seen him before and I'm not saying the r1 and the 500 is Perfect by any means all im saying is that my Normal workflow or set up that i had with those two Routers that worked for my set up and gave me the best result doesn't fully work anymore i named the up above and some of the issues that are known with the 500 i didnt have some of those issues and some didn't effect me because there or things I just dont use when it comes to the 500 so i can relate and as far as me not gaming right now i know i can still game with the r2 i just want the features that i use the most and the features that are new on the r2 that i would like to Emploiment into my set up to get the best result for my pc and gaming experience to work and im waiting for the update so i can start from the bottom with my setup and Optimize my connection when everything is working correctly
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