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  1. So I set these to test which ports see traffic when I play cdl since here I can see packets. It bogged down my matchmaking. If I delete them it fills lobbies quickly again. Why would that be? Or was it random. It def got better each time I deleted these traffic prio rules
  2. Need feedback. I came across old traffic prio threads and decided to do some testing. See the picture below. It’s peculiar that only 1 saw prioritized traffic. Are my other rules wrong? I’m confused why they didn’t see traffic? Fluidity felt fine, but need more testing to really formulate an opinion. This was playing cdl lobbies for a few hours with me hosting and others hosting in various cod MW servers across the country. So am I doing something wrong with these rules ?
  3. So if my Ping Under Load tests as an A+, is that ideal for good hit detection? Is there another test one can do that typically leads to good hit detection? Or...can it still happen and that may not indicate good hit detection? Just feel it may be hard to determine hit detection quality as it will vary depending on the ping and server im on.
  4. Custom games works both ways. Where I host or where it's done on a dedicated server - in COD MW. So yes many times I host a custom game between 2 teams. So when I am the host, they SHOULD be able to be blocked if they have a bad connection? I don't see every player show up on my geo filter though? I'll try the thing you said of widening the geo filter and see if then all the players show and I can ping them and block some.
  5. I can't do that because I don't want to be placed on a bad server. I limit the geo-filter to the major servers that I know i ping well. I'll try your way of using the Radium, but that's not ideal for how I wanted to do it. I'd like to filter so I get the best server, then filter out players with bad connections. Or is there another way to accomplish what I am trying to do?
  6. I have a specific Geo-Filter boundary that works well for me in public games, but I see no way to ban individual players with bad connections. I read in another thread that in COD you can't do that in public games. How should the Geo-Filter function when in a COD MW Custom Game and I am hosting? Should I be able to see which player is impacting the connection and ban them? I thought I read that the netduma R2 could identify players that slow down the connection and I can then ban them when I am hosting a custom game? Am I understanding correctly that this is possible on console? I use a PS4. Currently in custom games, I can see only SOME of the players locations on the geo-filter map. I don't see any info on them though such as ping.
  7. Congestion. Bandwidth I set it to 96% which is why this image confuses me. If I stream or am downloading a large update or anything sometimes I need more so I'd like to improve it.
  8. My connection is: Modem > R2 for ps4 only wired > Archer A9 wired for Wifi . I pay for 400 mbps and actually get about 350 / 25 Max. DMZ PS4 IP. NAT Shows open in COD MW. I have my QoS at 50% / 37% which gives me A+ Ping Under load when I do a connection test. I am confused why my Network Snapshot below shows so much assigned to the Archer A9 router. Shouldn't my QoS settings limit the % assigned to that router ? Not sure if this impacts me or causes lag, but I just expect differently per my settings? Just not sure if the below means my QoS is working well or if it can still be optimized. Can you clarify? I just want to maximize what's available for my PS4.
  9. Once I did the Auto Setup in QoS congestion control and used the recommended settings, my Connection test has given me B Ping and A+ Ping under load. I couldn't find an ideal % by trial and error and this worked for me. Just fyi
  10. Curious on the Express vpn. Have you used it successfully before? Has it helped your ping? I've been considering it. Hope you resolve your current issue.
  11. So this happened to me a couple days ago when I first received the R2. I'm not a tech expert like most here, but I found a website that described a 30/30/30 reset and it worked for me. Hold the reset button for 30 secs, then while still holding it remove power and hold for 30 secs more, then while still holding it reconnect power and hold another 30. So you hold the reset for 90 secs straight in effect. After I did this I was able to connect wireless to the router and from there it's been smooth sailing. Good luck! The main guy here is very responsive so they should be in touch, just figured I'd share what worked for me.
  12. So when I got to the forum I just browsed the topics of the threads looking for an issue that resembled mine..."Problem setting up. Won't connect" The only one that I found that was similar didn't include a solution. The thread ended with the gentlemen saying he would type IPconfig and let you know what he saw, I believe. So I was dead in the water. I did see where it said to do a master reset in the interface in the booklet...but I was stuck on Step #1. It wasn't accepting my password to enter the interface. I tried the standard 30 second reset and when that didn't work I was more disillusioned. So if the 30/30/30 reset is truly a master reset that works to erase all issues, then that should be clearly stated in the booklet. Maybe I got lucky and the 30 sec reset worked, but I was a solid 2 hrs trying the 30 sec reset and it didn't work until I did the longer 1.5 min reset and concurrently cycled power. If you notice, your "Getting Started" tab inside the knowledge base..starts after you have internet and accessed the unit and its working. If novice users have had various issues getting to that point, I think it's good to list common solutions there. Another issue I'm seeing today is WiFi disconnects randomly and reconnects. I see that an update is in the works? If this is a common problem, that should also have common solutions right on the trouble shooting page. Just some thoughts. Overall I'm excited to dive deeper in to the unit and work out the kinks. I am finding my way around, but just some things that would have made it easier and less frustrating at times. I'm still recommending the product. It's amazing.
  13. So I am a new user, just received the R2 yesterday. Not very network savvy, but the youtube video sold me. I don't think a full booklet would do much for me as the information may be outdated over time and I rather they save that money and invest it in more updates/features. Although, I would have appreciated a more clear link to where in the forum to go for help. The forum can be overwhelming as a first time user. The knowledge base page was a great resource and if you at least mentioned that link and said Go Here for details on Optimal Settings, that may have helped. I tripped over it and found it very useful, but didn't see that in the booklet. This is more of a user experience issue. I did find it odd nothing told me how to properly reset the unit. I tried 30 seconds and when that didn't work I was really confused. May have reduced my panic when I couldn't get it to reset. Luckily, I found a random website that said to try 30/30/30...but that should be in the booklet. That's critical. I was already regretting my purchase when the 30 sec reset didn't work. Just some feedback...
  14. Update on my issue above. I did a hard 30/30/30 reset and then I was able to connect following the original process. Somehow when the connection dropped the first time locked out everything. A normal 30 sec reset didn't fix it, had to reset and cycle the power. So held it for almost 1.5 min, but worked...
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