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  1. It has been weeks and we keep getting the same response, which is basically nothing ;/
  2. Do you have an estimated date when the Destiny 2 Geo-Filter is working again?
  3. I went back and read all the public responses people gave you. At this point I can only conclude you need a thicker skin and to stop drawing attention to yourself if you have no intention of actually contributing. Acting like a victim doesn't suit you or anyone well for that matter. UwU they where mean to me on the comments, at this point I don't think you can actually do what you claim.
  4. Some useful reminders for those testing configs: Spectating Mode: Does not restrict servers in any way, you will connect to whatever server the game wants you to. You can see servers/peers on the map and ping them. Filtering Mode: Restricts games based on your settings. Strict Mode enabled: Restricts both servers and peers to within your radius Strict Mode disabled: Restricts peers to within your radius but allows servers outside the radius By default Strict Mode is on to provide the most restrictive filtering.
  5. I will as soon as I am done testing this, my IU is all laggy for some reason. The rectangles on the map
  6. geofilter map, for what is worth I am also in a party chat with some friends.
  7. So I went and blocked all servers I could find (found 3) with the exception of the one closest to my VPN location I loaded into the Tower and behold, its me and me:
  8. What is we leverage this to manually deny all servers but the one we want to use?
  9. This is more my avenue I'll take a look but this seems like standard API documentation to create your own game and to implement matchmaking.
  10. I am not a 100% sure but having two routers or just one shouldn't matter. IPs are assigned to devices after all
  11. 1. Open Hybrid VPN 2. Set your credentials on the VPN Setup -> Advance tab 3. Select any country that is far away from your location 4. Go to GeoFilter and set the radius to the lowest but instead of the ocean on the country you choose Attached below is a screenshot were I managed to get 3 of my accounts (same clan ending in NS) into the same Rumble lobby. Next steps are finding a way to block everyone but your two consoles, perhaps using the MAC Address or IP (theorising)
  12. To be honest I am not sure he was actually going to share the details, there is always someone acting all high and might and important, holding a piece of information or whatever over the rest like a meager morsel over starving dogs. If this can be done we can figure it out, I'll be conducting test for the next couple hours and if I find the how to I'll put a post here detailing step by step how to do it, screw being all sensitive over a couple of comments.
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