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  1. Hey Fraser, Got the beta onto my system, but I'm having problems with the ping heatmap. The initial select ping target is sweet. I get the server and the pings, I've scheduled pings by the hour, but for me to click on a dot, I get nothing but spinning circles in the section underneath? some examples:
  2. Same issue as above also Fraser, applied a while ago and need help with access, a little help?
  3. I went through the exact link for the DumaOS 3.0 for R1. I filled out the form after pressing the submit button I was being sent to a https://staging.netduma.com/thank-you which asks for password of some sort, which I found strange. When I attempted to signup again it does say now email already signed up. But I didn't get to any 'Thank you' page like the rest are showing at any point, so I'd love to know on your end whether you can see me at all on the list?
  4. I've signed up to the list also but it was asking me for a password after signing up, which was weird? Fraser is it possible on your end to see if my signup was ok?
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