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  1. @Entilzha can you activate ARC1839103407. Thanks
  2. Hey @Colin, @Entilzha has just checked and it looks like Game Optimiser is active on your gateway. Please let us know if this is not the case so we can fix it. Again, apologies for the radio silence.
  3. @djdan - you're on an older firmware. If you are okay to get manually updated by @Entilzha can do it. It will take you offline for approx 5 mins.
  4. Hey @Colin, apologies for the delay - I had some issues with notifications from the thread and my email. Are you able to access the 1 month offer via the My Telstra app?
  5. Hi @djdan, apologies for the delay - I am checking now to see if you're activated
  6. I've just asked the team to action this one - say tuned
  7. Hello! As per the interest, we have opened the beta for LH1000 devices. Please share your modem Serial Number (e.g. ARCXXXXXXXXXX) to get activated. There will still be some standard eligibility rules that apply (must be on NBN, no outstanding account payments). We will be manually activating Game Optimiser on your modem. Note an activation email will come through on November 10th, and from then you'll be able to cancel it (if you wish, hopefully not!) using your MyTelstra. Your modem login screen should then show Game Optimiser as Active, check out the user guide to get started: https://www.telstra.com/game-optimiser-user-guide Ping me on here if you want it removed before then and let us know in the forums how you go with it. Cheers Telstra Gaming Product Team
  8. Hi all, We are now able to start a 1 week Open Beta for Arcadyan (LH1000) devices. Please share your serial number if you want it to be activated.
  9. Hey guys, Starting a thread to get specific feedback on things you would like to see in the product, across both functionality and UX improvements. Not looking for bugs but changes/additions you would like to have access to. This will help us prioritize the backlog of enhancements we are currently curating for future releases. Thanks! I'll start - I want a dark theme.
  10. I've been testing the fresh LH100 firmware myself over the weekend - and its a lot better than it was a few weeks ago from my perspective. Once we have a production build, we will look to roll it out earlier to specific users first, so I will reach out to get a list of serial numbers to activate.
  11. I Neo, we've picked up this issue and are in the process of getting it fixed. Will provide an update here once its working. Thanks for the feedback.
  12. Thanks for the pick up @LordPaul - I'll make sure we add this bug fix into the next firmware update!
  13. Hi Neo, Technically LH100 is an alpha firmware, that users were not supposed to be able to access yet. We have done a closed beta for the LH100 and have an updated firmware that will start rolling out late October. Closer to that date, I'll get @Cameron and yourself added to the first cohort of customers that will get the update. I am using it now and its significantly better - we made a number of changes to the firmware since the version you are currently using.
  14. Hey all, Wanted to thank you for your patience - Game Optimiser is now available in the Extra's tab, In the Internet Service summary of the My Telstra app. Currently this will only be available to Technicolor modems. Appreciate any feedback you can provide as we work closely with the Netduma team to improve the firmware and experience.
  15. Hey @Shannongob, @Johnny2, I'm really excited about how eager you guys are! Yesterday between 2:30pm and 4pm, my team conducted a live test with a number of internal staff to ensure our activation was working properly - and is it. Plan is to go live again today now that testing has passed. @Shannongob - in theory you should not need to do a thing, you're already activated. Please let me know what you see in the MyTelstra app from this afternoon. It should say that you have the service running, giving you the option to cancel rather than activate. If this is not the case, I would appreciate if you could let me know here. Thanks again for the patience guys.
  16. As an update - we are looking good to go live this week after some aggressive retesting. Will provide another update once we are.
  17. Totally understandable! I love DumaOS as much as many on this forum (the smoothness in Modern Warfare has actually helped me up my game too), so I want to get this product out! We will send some updates out on Forums and media when we are ready to go!
  18. Hey Cameron, we are working on the Arcadyan build now (i've actually got it running myself - playing a bit of COD). We plan to give everyone access to at least a full on us to give us feedback and see if it's good enough. However if there is some interest in a few people with Arcadyan devices joining a early access beta - I can check with the team and see what is possible.
  19. Hey Shannogob, agree that this is not ideal. The Netduma team have been awesome to work with along this journey and we've let them, as well as a few eager beta trialists down. Working hard to get it resolved. Appreciate your patience.
  20. Thanks Alex, unfortunately we have had a further delay. I'm sharing the post I made on the Telstra Crowdsupport page. I'm working hard with the team to get this sorted. "I know you have been interested to get your hands on Telstra's Game Optimiser with the DumaOS via our Smart Modem, and we are super keen to get you to try it out. Unfortunately, we have had an unforeseen issue with one of our IT applications, meaning we couldn't get the firmware activated in the timeframe we intended. The team has been working hard to fix the issue. At this stage, it is looking more likely that we can start the beta in the next week or so. I apologise for the frustration this has caused, but we'll get it out as soon as we can. Thanks Tristan"
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