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    rockstars_homework reacted to ugotstretched in Traffic Prioritization Settings: Modern Warefare (BO4)   
    Ive tried the traffic prioritization and can say for me personally it has done nothing.  My connection is simply too fast for COD.  I believe players with great connections get some type of artificial delay added to them, even if just a couple milliseconds.  The gm runs fast and smooth for me but when engaged with someone Im killed as if playing hardcore mode.  All the youtubers who have these amazing game clips you will notice a trend, the game always looks slower, and they rarely take a lot of damage.
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    rockstars_homework reacted to Netduma Fraser in Traffic Prioritization rule 2 not working?   
    By the looks of it, the first rule is working just fine as the source port must be 3074-3075 so the second rule is not needed.
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    rockstars_homework got a reaction from pollutionblues in Help with Setting up Duma   
    thanks ill give it a go now 
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