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  1. Hello Alex I’m have been signed up for 3.0 and still haven’t received anything but how come the original r1 router is limited to certain settings. I mean I feel like since the r1 user were the Original we shouldn’t be limited I was a day1 user. But please allow to receive the link thanks Alex I highly appreciate it.
  2. Hello I was wondering how can I get the new 3.0 my email is on the list I signed up day one my email is [email protected]
  3. Thanks 😊 that's great news when will it be available?
  4. Will the original netdumar1 receive the new open beta 3.0 milestone?
  5. Thanks Fraser I will be waiting and I highly appreciate your the best you guys rock keep the great work over there.
  6. Yes I've been on the waiting email waiting list
  7. I've been with netduma since the original model and I'm still currently have the original model I subscribe to the emails waiting list and I haven't received the link for netduma milestone. So if someone could please send me the link thanks in advance.
  8. Yes we do have high speed internet
  9. Yes the settings are much less then the nighthawk? Should I get the nighthawk or I'm I good with the original model?
  10. How come the original netduma router is limited? I updated to OS but it still doesn't have the same thing as the nighthawk netduma router does?
  11. I would like to have the 3.0 milestone for my router what do I have to do to get the APK?
  12. Would you recommend the XR over the original model?
  13. Is the XR router better then the original model? Or is it the same?
  14. Does anyone know if the original router out of date?
  15. Thanks you I'll be looking towards it. You guys rock ❤️
  16. Ok will I receive it today? please and thank you you guys are the best keep it up ❤️
  17. Is there a way to update my R1 gaming router to the OS version I'm still running v1.03.6j I would like to update my R1 gaming router
  18. Can someone from the staff send me the link for the xr500 or the xr700 ive had my R1 router for about a few years I would like to upgrade my router
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