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  1. Yes this would be awesome for this game as I sometimes get into servers out of United States hopefully it's possible
  2. Fraser my gt needs to be updated on ffa list its peacamaker not peacemaker so the players can find me. Thanks.
  3. Sign me up GT: peacemaker Console: PS4 West Coast Southern California USA
  4. [quote name="Netduma Fraser "The upgrade seems like its working great so far. We are just waiting on a few US guys that had some issues but we believe that may just have been a case of them updating to the previous version. We will update you with more info/release asap. Thanks for the hard work guys I will be waiting on a twitter announcment just in case I don't see on forums
  5. Unfortunately I will not be able to attend due to work yes weekend work sucks, anyways giving you a heads up and best of luck to everyone hopefully someone gets gameplay footage so I can watch the highlights have fun.
  6. PS4 just need to know date and time to see if I can make it
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