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  1. Sorry, for the late answer again. I gave that a try but that didn't help. Eventually I just accepted the poor speeds. It's just the playstation that i really need connected to it, taking that little bit longer for downloading games or updates won't kill me and the Geo Filter is too good to just stash the Router and to make it a good memory.
  2. I bought it last year, around 12-14 months ago. I'd also have expected better results than this. Well, seems to be time for an upgrade.
  3. Hi there and sorry for the very late answer! Took me a little while to get my hands on another Router and test everything out. I was able to get a D-Link DIR-615 to put between the Netduma and the Cable Modem. Lastly the results were exactly the same. It seems that the R1 hardware really isn't capable to achieve a throughput of 1Gbps.
  4. So here I am back with the same results as on the other firmware. Enabling Super Speed Mode / disabling Congestion control makes the speedtest ramp up to ~370-390Mbps at first but then steadily falls off to ~150-190Mbps. Everything else gives me the same results as with the beta firmware. Whats really bugging me the most is, that the upload speed doesn't even reach 50Mbps. I'm losing 15Mbps here. This can't be an hardware/performance issue. @Netduma Fraser Exactly, I am not using either of them.
  5. Thanks for the detailed answer! The R1 doesn't even hit 50% usage when I'm doing a speedtest. The result from that short test was: DOWNLOAD Mbps 187.23 UPLOAD Mbps 35.94 I'm aware that QoS slows down the connection a little bit and that I pratically don't need it but my point is that there is something generally wrong with the QoS on my R1 because it just slows down everything, no matter what settings I use. QoS being kept off in my R1 but something there is just not working as it should. I bought my piece of hardware around 12-14 Months ago so the aging shouldn't hit so hard. I mean we're talking about 600-800Mbps loss of transfer speed. I'll try it with downgrading and will come back after some testing
  6. I'm on Firmware Version / DumaOS Version 1.3.29 What I am curious about is that I had a 400Mbps connection before and the R1 could handle it very well. Also the R1 is a GbE capable device, so it should be able to easily handle gigabit data transfer speeds. Even if the R1 could just handle 1000Mbps shared over all 5 LAN-Ports the speedtest results shouldn't be THIS bad, because my computer and the router were the only devices connected to the R1. I'd like to try to re-flash the most recent firmware, because that is something I haven't tried yet just because I don't have the FW file anymore. Reason for me to try that is, that the QoS never worked for me. Earlier I just had turned off the QoS because it slowed down my 400Mbps connection, no matter what settings I used, I had to completely turn it off to make full use of my connection, even when there was no priority traffic or if I set the sliders to 100%, nothing. Only option was turning it off. Thats why I think there is something wrong with the SW on my R1.
  7. Hi there! I'm becoming more and more desperate about my R1. A couple of days ago I got my new 1Gb/50Mb Cable connection and I have set up everything correctly. I put my router (that one from my ISP) in so called "Bridge Mode" to make it act just like a Modem. If I connect my Computer directly to the router I get speedtest results betwen 800-1000Mbps DOWN and between 45-50Mbps UP. Everything fine until here. When I connect the R1 to the router and my computer to the R1, my speedtest results drop dramatically. (See screenshots). Trying to connect the cables to different ports on the R1 didn't fix the problem. Factory Resetting/Rebooting the R1 didn't help either. Disabling QoS completely helps a bit but still the speeds are horribly off from what they should be. Replacing the cable between router and R1 also doesn't help. (Using a 1 Meter short Cat 6 cable here) Trying various settings in the R1 didn't help. IPv6 on/off, different QoS features on/off, VPN is OFF) About the next case: After a couple of days of uptime, it seems that the webserver running on the R1 stops working. It's hard to tell WHEN this happens exactly because the R1 keeps working (you can dis-/reconnect to the WiFi and WAN and LAN are fine) but i can't connect to the WebUI and I can't reproduce this issue. The Browsers (Edge, Chrome, Firefox) just load entirelessly until the Browser just says there was no response. I have to re-power the R1 to make it reboot and work again. Screenshots were made with Factory settings @Firmware R1 & during the tests only my computer was connected to the network.
  8. Just use an Admin Tool like AMX or whatever you prefer and take advantage of one of the unlimited plugins where you can exclude highpingers serversided. Edit: Just Google this: "amx high ping kicker plugin cs 1.6"
  9. But I have been talking about P2P. Wouldn't that mean you are banning yourself from the Server based game?..
  10. What are you actually here for?? Even if your beliefs were true, and there were no such players who use lagswitches of any kind, I personally don't want anyone start lagging in my lobby after they joined no matter if they cause the lag intentionally or if it's caused by just a slow connection. Lagswitches ARE a real existing problem in games and the R1 has nothing against this at the moment. I'm not sure why you even commented because your posts make you look like someone who has no idea whats going on in a lot of online games. Please if you're just here to tell ppl their suggestions are not worth it, stay away or stick to facts so we can discuss existing problems in online games and how to make the R1 even better. You might play different games than I do and even if you don't face problems like this, other people might have them a lot so please let a Dev comment on this and stop spreading your false beliefs just because you might have never seen someone abusing a lagswitch. And as I already stated: I know that cutting off a connection to a lagging Player requires me to be host and this is very situational but WHEN I am the host, i'd like to have something at hand that really helps against these guys.
  11. I want the netduma to block bad connections. If a player intentionally makes his connection lag, I'd like to have a feature to block the connection to other player AT THE SECOND I recognize him/her lagging or abusing a lagswitch. The Ping Blocker doesn't block that kind of players because they first start lagging AFTER they joined the lobby. I am absolutely aware that this requires me to be host but what if I'd tell you that I am host most of the time (at least in warframe) AND that it would be a good feature for quite a lot of games, even if YOU don't need this feature because you might not be playing the same games.
  12. That question was really good. I personally use this Router at most for UFC 3 which uses P2P in first place. When both players cant connect to each other, they get routed over a Server. Strict mode etc does a perfect job at this BUT too often I run into ppl wo have a 50-60 ping when we connect but short after that, I can watch their ping spikes up to 200-400 and they lag horribly even though the ping blocker accepted that connection. I would also LOVE a function where i could immediately close the connection to someone like that because in the game warframe there are countless trolls and there is no votekick system in that game.
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