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  1. This server shows in Japan, should be in Australia: This server shows in Australia but shouldn't:
  2. Is the Telstra routers going to get the auto anti-bufferbloat feature?
  3. Do you think that the way the internet is set up in Australia using the NTD box instead of a modem like most countries, that it could of affected the netgear routers negatively since they're built for a different setup? found this that i think shows that the NTD box uses some sort of QOS that might interfere with the router The UNI-D and UNI-DSL support four interface tagging and prioritisation addressing modes:Default-Mapped:untagged; activation enabled QoSDSCP-Mapped:untagged; DSCP enabled QoSPriority-Tagged:single tagged (null/unpopulated); 802.1p enabled QoSTagged:single tagged (customer provided); 802.1p enabled QoS. from https://www2.nbnco.com.au/content/dam/nbnco2/2018/documents/sell/wba/SFAA-WBA-Product_Technical_Specification-nbnEthernet_Product_Module_20180328.pdf . found at 3.1.2 Addressing mode
  4. Is it just me or is it still not available? Still can't find it on MyTelstra App
  5. Just got of the phone to Telstra, it's not working, it has been escalated to management, classic Telstra lol
  6. Wow never would of expected to see DumaOS on a Telstra router since they never supported gaming in the past or even bothered putting QOS on their routers haha Can't wait to try it since i've used Netduma since the Netduma R1 and feel like the terrible NBN NTD box/modem somehow messes with the netgear routers with DumaOS and Australians have no choice but to use it. Thank you to the Netduma team, you're all legends ❤️
  7. Do i need to use port forwarding for both consoles? i've noticed the lag and latency happens when both consoles are on modern warfare, and yes it happens using geo-filter
  8. I have two consoles, i do use UPnP for both consoles but still either get one open nat or both get moderate nat, what i meant was i've tried putting one console in DMZ with UPnP on to see if they would get both open NAT, i have previously used geo-filter when i first got spikes in-game and it was still the same.
  9. Netduma R2 plugged directly into the NTD box. I can't access the NTD interface because it is owned by the NBN. Don't use geo filter because i live in Australia and there is only one server location in Sydney which i always connect to.
  10. Hello, i've been having a few problems with the R2 since i got it. 1) Multiple consoles moderate Nat type, tried putting one in DMZ but either only one gets open or alot of the time both get moderate making one console struggle to get into the main menu of Modern Warfare saying it con't connect to online services. Will there be an option in a future update to change NAT from secure to open like with the XR500? always had an open nat on multiple consoles using that, a bit dissapointed because i just assumed when i bought it that it would. 2)Constant high ping and laggy connection, keep getting the latency signals on the screen and skipping across the map. I am only ever connecting to the one server location in Australia, so it's not a server distance problem, and never once had that problem with the XR500. Ping in Modern Warfare and other games are higher than when i used the XR500, and have seen the in-game ping spike from 30 all the way up to 150+. I have used the Auto Detect Bufferbloat Test and gotten it down to a straight line all the way across. Tested internet connection, get an A+ on all 3. 3)WI-FI range and connection is bad, low speeds. pretty much the same problems that have been mentioned by other people, i have updated to 3.0.129, did a factory reset and still having the same problems, seem to only be able to download games and updates at 1MB/s on both consoles even after multiple resets and one console was using a LAN cable, turning Anti-Bufferbloat to off, putting the sliders up to 100 for games, i have 100mbps. 4)Lose connection to internet for 30-45 minutes after rebooting router unless i unplug the router from the NTD box. had the same problem with the XR500 but i think it was fixed? I have tried turning IPv6 off and on, turning UPnP off and on, rebooting router, factory resetting router, using DMZ, turning off port scan and syn flood protection, turning off Mirror Settings on both 2.4GHz and 5GHz, using DNS overide with, adblocker is on.
  11. Yeah I'm going to try a few more tests, just got an email from my ISP saying that it's definitely not a problem on there end and is an "enternal" problem, and must be one of the ethernet ports, if i can't fix it I'll change ISP, they clearly have no interest in actually helping their customers, thanks anyway for the help
  12. I'm not sure what the model is, it is a NTD (Network Termination Device) that the NBN installed in most Australian homes, we can't use our own modems.
  13. same thing happens to me, i just unplug the ethernet from the internet port, reset the router, then plug the ethernet back in. It's annoying to do but works.
  14. I mean jitter, ping was about 6ms, i did the jitter test on there own website, any suggestions? Should i try to get the problem solved or is it not worth it and just change ISP? I did a lot of tests they asked and their answer was always it's the router not the ISP, but i was pretty sure it was the ISP's fault just wanted someone elses input thanks.
  15. Hi, i talked to my ISP about if there was a problem in there end for my bad online experience, hit registration, shoot first die first, i did ping, tracert, jitter tests for them and they said it was my router with butferbloat and to try directly to the modem, when i did the test directly to the modem i got a jitter of 12ms. I told the tech guy and he said 12ms is fine and it's a problem with the router. Do i have a faulty router or modem or bad ISP? I'm from Australia and we can't buy our own modems as the NBN uses there own modems for every ISP called NTD box/modem.
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