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  1. Okay thank you appreciate the help Fraser.
  2. Ive tried Chrome, Firefox, Waterfox and Microsoft Edge. No I don't have any ad blockers, yes I've tried incognito still doesn't work.
  3. No I planned on upgrading the firmware, I was using the XR500 and wanted to try the R2 again, I plugged in the R2 and went to the UI but it was giving me script error on the page where you update the firmware. So I factory reset the R2 and haven't been able to get past please confirm your maximum bandwidth speeds page.
  4. Still not working, tried two different browsers.
  5. I've done that about 5 times, I've tried everything I can think of nothing works.
  6. It does the exact same thing on PC, I use a PC usually just screenshotted on mobile because it was easier.
  7. It either comes up with that error message or script error.
  8. Tried to update my R2, kept getting a script error, factory reset R2, when i was up to the type in your internet speed part of the setup it gives me a script error message everytime i confirm my speeds and won't let me past that page. Tried 4 different web browsers, does the same thing on other devices also.
  9. This server shows in Japan, should be in Australia: This server shows in Australia but shouldn't:
  10. Is the Telstra routers going to get the auto anti-bufferbloat feature?
  11. Do you think that the way the internet is set up in Australia using the NTD box instead of a modem like most countries, that it could of affected the netgear routers negatively since they're built for a different setup? found this that i think shows that the NTD box uses some sort of QOS that might interfere with the router The UNI-D and UNI-DSL support four interface tagging and prioritisation addressing modes:Default-Mapped:untagged; activation enabled QoSDSCP-Mapped:untagged; DSCP enabled QoSPriority-Tagged:single tagged (null/unpopulated); 802.1p enabled QoSTagged:single tagged (customer provided); 802.1p enabled QoS. from https://www2.nbnco.com.au/content/dam/nbnco2/2018/documents/sell/wba/SFAA-WBA-Product_Technical_Specification-nbnEthernet_Product_Module_20180328.pdf . found at 3.1.2 Addressing mode
  12. Is it just me or is it still not available? Still can't find it on MyTelstra App
  13. Just got of the phone to Telstra, it's not working, it has been escalated to management, classic Telstra lol
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