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  1. Yes it's good that it's fixed, i only downgraded to .40 because i cannot access the dashboard when i need to change some settings and some Xr500 users apparently have brought this to dev's attention, i'm not really following the threads so i was wondering if this was fixed?, thanks again!.
  2. Thank you for the recommendation Bert, i will be experimenting base on your suggestion!
  3. As per Netduma Fraser's instruction, i have re downloaded and updated my Xr500 to the latest version, it seems like that did the trick somehow, everything was working good like before i downgraded to firmware .40, does this mean i cannot downgrade firmware anymore?, and also why did the Xr500 behaved like that? i would like to know for future reference, Thank you for the help.
  4. My PS4 is old and do not have 5g option, i would really like to have a wired connection but it will be a long cable going to my room so i gave up on that option as well, i thought that putting the PS4 on Qos Traffic prioritization will only confuse the router, i read it somewhere in the forums threads here and if so can somebody give some insight in this, thank you for your suggestions Bert.
  5. Thanks Netduma Fraser, i will be doing that once i get back home, i will be linking a video for now so you can see the rubber banding issue i'm having. Physical set up, Modem: Hitron model: CGNM-2250 > XR500 > via WiFi 2.4g PS4
  6. Having issues with my xr500, updated to the latest firmware .56 but i had problems signing in the router so i downgraded to .40 and did a factory reset, and now i'm rubber banding on call of duty, i'm sure its the xr500 because when i swapped to my asus router im not experiencing the issue. Im not sure what to do anymore so i would appreciate it if someone can help me with this dilemma. Settings; Xr500 firmware V2.3.2.40 Isp speed - 75 down, 7.5 up Qos Abb - 70% both Geo filter radius 1,000 Ping assist - 50 Location - Calgary, AB, Canada
  7. Thank you for the cloud update on servers, now l don't have to use ping assist to get to my nearest server, using just the filter mode will do the job, l do really appreciate all the effort netduma team! 👍
  8. Hello netduma team, if it's no trouble then can you please check this server location, l believe it's the seattle server because l did a couple experiment using just the geo-filter w/o the ping assist and it always brings me to this server which l will provide with a picture below, it gets me in to this server but of course l get kicked out because it's not in my radius so the router is doing it's job properly but maybe the server location is wrong, it makes me think that is to why l am getting the 'lobby not joinable' error, thank you in advance!
  9. Yes sir!, l am indeed!, my xr500 rocks!, YouTube video link below.
  10. Hey Fraser, l just posted that information for Jack, everything is working for me now with ping assist, thank you for the advice and reply.
  11. And when l search for a game without ping assist, it is either takes a very long time to search for a lobby or get the 'lobby not joinable' error.
  12. Hey jack, l have tried looking for a game without ping assist and l have the pictures for you below, just note that l can find games now with ping assist thanks to you and the netduma team, this is just for information that you seek and maybe we can make it work with ping assist.
  13. Thank you for the reply Fraser, l will leave my settings here just for future reference. Settings; xr500 firmware V2.3.2.40 isp speed- 75 down, 7.5 up qos anti-bufferbloat- always 70% on both geo-filter- on playstation 4, radius 1000 kms location- calgary, alberta, canada ping assist- 50
  14. Hey Jack good news, after l have downloaded the new update for black ops 4 l tried looking for a game with filter mode on and it seems that everything is ok now, things to note though that when the game first came out everything was working fine until treyarch patched something and everything went bad. I believe that netduma users that was suffering from "lobby not joinable" error should be fine now like I am, thank you for the support netduma team, l believe we are in good hands in your watch.
  15. Thank you Jack for the welcome and reply, l will post a screenshot as soon as l can so l can provide you with some information.
  16. Thank you for responding, l have read the guide before setting up my xr500, the only thing that l have not tried is using the ping assist as a ping filter.
  17. I tried your recommendations Fraser with ping assist value of 50 and l am getting the 'lobby is not joinable' error, l have flushed the cloud and l am not sure how to make this work but like l said spectating mode still works fine.
  18. Ports used by PS4 for COD TCP Ports: 80,443,1935,3478-3480 UDP Ports: 3074,3478-3479
  19. Hello and thank you for the warm welcome Fraser, l will try your recommendations sir but one quick question, what would be a good ping assist value for my connection? 50 perhaps?, Thank you.
  20. I need help because the geo filter is not working properly for me on black ops 4, if i have it on filtering mode it cannot find any games but if i have it on spectating mode then I find games easily, i tried it on world war 2 with filtering mode on and it seems to be working fine but only on black ops 4, thank you in advance. Settings; xr500 firmware V2.3.2.40 isp speed- 75 down, 7.5 up qos anti-bufferbloat- always 70% on both geo-filter- on playstation 4, radius 805 kms location- calgary, alberta, canada
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