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  1. hello boys, for the new XR300 what about thinking vs XR500 ? any chance to have a new firmware with the XR300 and is it better vs the king XR500 ?
  2. Good news ! a new firmware for the XR500 is for soon ?
  3. Any news for optimise this game with dumaos You need to make compatible division 2 please thank you
  4. You need to make compatible division 2 please thank you
  5. im just in the base of operation and no matchmking for this screen (solo)
  6. not possible to see all server but possible to ping the host US West server when i play (for PS4)
  7. Thanks you, i make a screen as soon as possible of what i see (for the map)
  8. The Division 2 just got released today, is there is any plans for geo-Filter please ?
  9. The screenshot of what the Geo-Filter looks like when i first load the game up ;
  10. A new battle royal game just got released today called Apex Legends, it is a free to play game just wondering if there is any plans for geo-Filter ?
  11. how to configure the connection of my PS4 ? 1 / directly on a port of Neduma R1 2 / on the S8000 and gaming crytical configuration like this Do you have any tips or good practice? many thanks
  12. Thanks you in French Polynesia my fiber max is 30mb dll and 3mb upload ; yes that is the max possible in my region... best ping possible i have to NA Los Angels 92ms ; so my Netduma R1 is perfect for that and a XR500 was overated for my network ;
  13. Hello; I already have a Netduma R1 and I am very satisfied with it; but I would like to go on an XR500 to have more power. knowing that I do not use the Wifi because I have a Synology MR2200ac for Wifi in AP mode; will I earn a few ms in the games with this new XR500 compared to my excellent R1 I do not know
  14. the ideal would be to have : - cpu core count 2 @1.7GHz - ram size 2GB - 5 ports... waiting for this dream, let's stay on the best router and current system with the R1
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