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  1. I have an real good experience since Thursday, most Shoots hit the Target. KD went up to around 2+ in most Matches.
  2. Hi there, I have the something like the same Problem. My Cable Modem/Router Combo seems to be slower in Bridge Modus as in Modem/Router Modus. In this Case I have the Problem that my R1 has the IP and Cable Combo has so I can’t port forwarding in the Cable Combo and I have an NAT-Typ „Moderate“ in Black Ops4, in Bridge Modus is Open NAT Typ . If I change the IP from the CableCombo to IP it’s in the same IP Range like the R1 but I am out of the Internet. If I change it back to an other IP Circle than 88 it’s works again. Hope you understand what I mean and maybe you can tell me what I have to change that the R1 and my Cable Combo can use the same IP Circle Edit: I disabled PortFordwarding in the R1, activated UPnP and ticked Enable Upnp Forwarding in Miscellanous and have Open NAT Typ in Black Ops4.
  3. I Downgrade back to OG R1 FW. Had connection Lost often with DumaOS on BO4, no Problems with OG FW
  4. I have Host Change often, and this means the Connection get lost and Game ends
  5. Here is a screen. Only 1 Dedi left Site
  6. I only connet to Peers, see no Server on EU and Host Migration is back
  7. Hey there, I upgraded my R1 an hour ago and played a bit with the Options and have some Questions: I use the PS4 for Playing and I use dslreports for checking the BufferBloat. I have a cable Connection 500 Down, 50 Up. I set GeoFilter for my PS4 to Spectator Mode (think this means it is not active?) for my Testings. Anti-Bufferbloat is ALWAYS on in the Moment in QoS. Should I test my Settings with my PC or the Browser from the PS4? I do this all to have a better PS4 Gaming Experience. I tested it with the PS4 Browser and on my PC. In Anti-BufferBloat I have this Settings: Download to 20% = 100Mb Upload to 40% = 20Mb The PC and PS4 are set to 10 for Download and Upload in the Bandwidth Allocation I started the Speedtest at DSLREPORTS and get this results: PC: Download around 75Mb and Upload around 15MB after that the 2 Test PS4 Browser: Download around 10MB and Updoad around 6MB Why this Difference on this 2 Devices with same Settings and why are the Speeds so high with Bad BufferBloat Spikes? I thought if 100 MB is max for All Devices and I set Download (PC + PS4) to 10, it should not go higher than 10MB in the Speedtest? And if Upload is set to 20 MB for all Devices and I set PC + PS4 to 10 it should be around 2MB Upload Speed? On the Original R1 I had the Option for Turbo Speed and Super Turbo Speed and unchecked them if I started gaming and that helps me with the Bufferbloat but I think that Option is gone?
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