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  1. Just Ordered the NETGEAR Nighthawk Pro Gaming AC2600 WiFi Router and Switch Bundle (XR500 + GS808E) Got a Discount and 10% off that $251 "US" out the door! Not bad! Just The Switch is like 90 bucks! Lets see how this bad boy does!
  2. Maybe its time to buy a new router I Guess, Whats all running duma OS these days? Just the Netgear's? Or is Asus running it now too? And Thank you, I Just tried it with SUPER TURBO On, An CC OFF, Its Its Getting almost the 500, I Only have a 400 down package but it almost hits 500! Same with upload, i have a 20mb up and getting almost 30up! And Ran the test again, And Got Good across the board, Was Bad Terrible and Bad! LOL, No matter what i tried with the CC on, Even moving the sliders down to 20-20, Nothing i could do it was just bad! And man I Love CC! I Love Cranking it down to like 8-8 playing COD and wrecking house! LOL i become unstoppable! LOL Ping Jitter Spikes Packet Loss Good Good Good No Loss '
  3. Can Anyone tell me what this is Means? When i down graded back from Firmware 2.1, I Went back to the original, And i just noticed this is what it shows are the bottom of the screen Not sure what this is? My Speed is really bad, If i go straight to the modem i'm getting close to 500 down, Nomatter what i do i cant some to break 200 down, And when i run the test in the R1 this is what i get no matter how much i play around with the sliders on the CC, that's the best i can get it? Should i upgrade back to 2.1? I Heard someone say that the Xbox party chat was fixed! That's the only reason i downgraded! If someone can please help me with this id REALLY REALLY Appreciate it ! Ping Jitter Spikes Packet Loss Good Bad Terrible No Loss © Netduma Software Ltd. R1 debug version 1.03.6j running on rb-951g-2hnd .
  4. Yes I Got An Invite but i read it and now i cant find it in my email anywhere, Freaking Gmail for ya, But I Another question, Is there any trick to get full speed out of the R1, I Just upgraded to 400Mb Down, And 20 Up, with CC Bandwidth set i have it set even at 450 because i know its a lil flaky on the true speed, And have the up a t 22, And i'm getting almost 25 up, And only around 250-300 down, And that's not consistent, If i go straight to the modem alone i'm pick almost 500, Like always about 450Mbps, I tried tweaking a few things around, Making sure Super Turbo mode was off so i can still Us CC, Took of Deep Pack Processing, Did not like duma Handle the speed itself, the algorithm is on Reactive also, Just not pulling the speeds, And this is on a Cable not wifi! I Thought the R1 was capable of running 500Mb Down? Am i wrong here? Anyone having this trouble, So can move this to a new thread, But still wanted to answer your question about the New Firmware update, Is there anyway you could send me another email so i can down load it and try try it out, You know i found alot of issues with the first one, Im Not just going to run it just to say i have it, Im actually going to try to work with it and find some stuff out about it ya know? Im sure you can check to see if i was really sent one, But yes i really was! And as always, Thanks for all your times guys! I love this site, Everyone helping everyone! Thanks again! Matthew
  5. Hello i was wondering when the new firmware was dropping? I Got an email to try it and i went back to find it and its gone now! Im having ALOT Of trouble getting DDOSed on Xbox 1, Playing Rainbow 6 Siege, I Wanna Buy A VPN, But im still On The OG firmware and the only option is Hide My Ass, Is there any way around that say if i bought Nord VPN? Im not really sure how to use a VPN, Im kinda New to it, But im getting Dosed So much now since ive hit PLAT 2 On R6S Its not even fun anymore! After the first round if i get a few kills some little kid with mommy's credit card hits me offline! And im not sure how there even pulling my IP, Im Not Messaging them, Im Not joining there party, But they will even Message me My IP And Where I Live? And tell me that i need a better router!? Im sure sure whats going on here? It never use to happen like this... Can anyone help me out here with this? Thank you very much, Matthew
  6. So after having many issues with the New DUMA OS, Like Xbox Party Chat not working right, I decided to once again go back to the Original R1 Firmware, I Updated the firmware, And waited for about 10 minutes, It was still spinning, So i gave it another 5 minutes and still nothing, So i closed the browser and reopened it, I have internet access on the Rj45, But i can not get into the router by any means? Can anyone help me out here, I have tried to hold the small button in the rear as ive done before when hard resetting, Ive had this router for about 3 years now and its been great! But its acting like its bricked, But somehow its still working? I just cant get into the router!? Ive tried the, Tried many more, And i just get Err 404, But like i said, Im typing this to you now on the Rj45 and it works fine? Im really lost here and could use some help! Thanks everyone! EDIT: Is there anyway i can use the USB On the side to upgrade the fimeware that way? When i try holding the button down in the back of the R1 it doesnt do anything? Hold it down well, Feeling the button is actually being pressed in, Held for a minute, Nothing happans, No Beep nothing, If i pull the plug and plug it back in, It will beep, But still nothing, Left it unplugged for a few hours, Still nothing, When i use my old ip log in, it comes up with this, and it just gives me the err 404 not found!
  7. That would be great if you could investigate and try to figure out whats going with, Its always gotta be Microsoft lol!
  8. I haven't tested in a few weeks, But I also am having this same issue with my R1, And Xbox 1 X, Same thing to the T, What is the newest firmware for the R1? When i go to System Info It says This, Duma OS Version 1.3.29, Is this the newest Firmware? And if not how can i upgrade to the newer one, If so, Has anyone figured anything new out for this fix, It was working perfectly for ever, I play Division 2, Been playing for the last year now on this firmware and Same everything, I didn't know if it was Xbox did something or it was me clearing the cloud on my R1, Not knowing if something was changed from updating the cloud!? If anyone can help it would be greatly appreciated!
  9. I've tried Instant on and power mode off! And Its perfectly fine just running my stock modem router, Open All the time! And it was always open before on old firmware, Like before i updated to DUMA OS, I Had all my ports forwarded and set, It was perfect, After update, No matter what i do, I Have to reset the R1 everynight to get it to OPEN NAT, If i don't, Its MOD NAT, Even if i shut off the game for an hour and come back and reopen the game, Its back to MOD NAT, And i have to Reset the R1 again to get it to OPEN, And it is actually blocking me from joining people and people joining me! So its not just a Visual bug! There is ALOT of people on this form having the same Issue!
  10. Yes Fraser, Ive Tried UPNP, Tried Static, Tried Port Forwarding EVERY port needed , Tried running both at the same time! Its just like everyone else having the same issue, That's why ive been just waiting for a fix! Is this bug being looked at by chance? Thank you for your quick reply and thanks for your time
  11. Any New Firmware updates? Ive went back to my stock modem router and its been great, But id really love to use my DUMA, If there has been anymore work done on it? Or should i just go back to Old firmware? I Love not having to reset the router everynight to get an Open Nat! Thats that only reason i went back to my stock modem router!
  12. Blocks friends and takes longer to get lobbies! Its for sure not a false reading! Its kinda like the OS is not renewing the port FW or UPNP, And it does it with either GEO on Or Off! If you Reboot the R1 then open the game, Its open! If you restart the game it will stay open! But if you shut the game off for more then like 5-10 minutes and start it back up, Its back to MOD NAT! And It for sure effects the game lobbies, Friends cant join in game, and lobbies take longer and there not as good for sure!
  13. I have the same issue with the MOD NAT thing, Ive tried EVERYTHING! Its for sure something in the software making it NAT, I Just dont understand why though!
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