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  1. I've tried Instant on and power mode off! And Its perfectly fine just running my stock modem router, Open All the time! And it was always open before on old firmware, Like before i updated to DUMA OS, I Had all my ports forwarded and set, It was perfect, After update, No matter what i do, I Have to reset the R1 everynight to get it to OPEN NAT, If i don't, Its MOD NAT, Even if i shut off the game for an hour and come back and reopen the game, Its back to MOD NAT, And i have to Reset the R1 again to get it to OPEN, And it is actually blocking me from joining people and people joining me! So its not just a Visual bug! There is ALOT of people on this form having the same Issue!
  2. Yes Fraser, Ive Tried UPNP, Tried Static, Tried Port Forwarding EVERY port needed , Tried running both at the same time! Its just like everyone else having the same issue, That's why ive been just waiting for a fix! Is this bug being looked at by chance? Thank you for your quick reply and thanks for your time
  3. Any New Firmware updates? Ive went back to my stock modem router and its been great, But id really love to use my DUMA, If there has been anymore work done on it? Or should i just go back to Old firmware? I Love not having to reset the router everynight to get an Open Nat! Thats that only reason i went back to my stock modem router!
  4. Blocks friends and takes longer to get lobbies! Its for sure not a false reading! Its kinda like the OS is not renewing the port FW or UPNP, And it does it with either GEO on Or Off! If you Reboot the R1 then open the game, Its open! If you restart the game it will stay open! But if you shut the game off for more then like 5-10 minutes and start it back up, Its back to MOD NAT! And It for sure effects the game lobbies, Friends cant join in game, and lobbies take longer and there not as good for sure!
  5. I have the same issue with the MOD NAT thing, Ive tried EVERYTHING! Its for sure something in the software making it NAT, I Just dont understand why though!
  6. I just remember playing on the old netduma OS, and sometimes it would do the same thing he is saying, and my ping would go up real high on the GEOF, And the CPU usage would spike 100% and just stay there the whole time and it would make me lag soooo hard it was unplayable, I would have to shut off the GEO wait a minute till it refreshed then turn it back on, and it would be fine again for another few hours, or few games! It was kinda random!
  7. Toddzilla, When it starts doing this, Check the CPU usage on the DUMA, And see if its maxing out!?
  8. Yeah i have been just using the stock modem/router for like the last week or so, It just works all the time, No messing with it, Im going to try to run my R1 now and try it out and see if shes any better with the updates!
  9. Nope no PPPoE, But i know what you are thinking, And that's what i'm thinking, I think! lol
  10. Netduma Fraser - Even if i completely disable QOS it still has the same issue about 20% loss of speed! If anyone else Has a stock modem/router they can use to test this it would be nice! Just run stock modem/router run speed test, Then run speed test on the R1 and see if you are loosing speed? Thanks everyone for the help! Honestly ive been running my stock modem/router the last few days and its nice not having to reset Everynight and always have an Open Nat, And Getting into lobby's in literally seconds! Man i wish we can figure out whats up with the R1 fast! I Really wanna Use the GEO And QOS And get good lobby's fast, I could be Crushing more then i am! LOL PS: BTW Everytime i flush the cloud it always says this action took to long Wait a few minutes to use the R app? Whats that mean? Is the cloud actually flushing?
  11. My PC still has the lower speeds aswell bud! My Friend is having the same issue and he has a different IP too! So its not my internet! I Remember the OLD R1 OS did the same thing, But if you ran Turbo Mode and ran the CC on Reactive It would get your speed back up to about 90% The Duma has always lost a little speed, Witch i'm not to worried about i don't need 115Mb to game! Lol But would like it to be a little higher ya know?
  12. My max speed through just my stock modem router, I Pay for 100Mb Down, 10Mb Up, And i get pretty much all of it downloading from Xbox i get like 100-115down, 9Up Constantly too, But when running through the R1 the MAX i get is about 80Down 5Up QOS OFF, And it fluxes alot! up and down, When on my stock, It just pretty much stays at max speed like 95% of the time! And it foreal tosses me into games lightning fast and the lobby's already pretty much maxed out when i join a blackout lobby, like 90+ people! On my R1 sometimes it will take 5-10 Minutes to GET a game "GF OFF" and then when i do get in a lobby, There's like 40 people in there and it takes FOREVER To fill up, Sometimes it wont and i gotta just back out! And Yes that's when in Spectating mode! Its like even when in spectating mode its kinda like the GF is still active and it takes forever ya know? And still have the issue where unless i restart the router everynight before i play i will have a MOD NAT type, Unless i restart the R1 everynight then open the game for it to be OPEN NAT! Though's are the main issues i'm having that's stopping me from playing! Why i was considering going back to old OS on the R1, But if there's going to be some fixes i will gladly wait! I LOVE DUMA OS! And I LOVE MY R1! I just want it to work!
  13. Lol Its Ok, It is hard to keep track of this! lol But No Admin, If i completely turn off QOS it gets no Speed back at all! Still losing like 20-25% Speed on download and upload Even on the PC running speed test on DSL reports or any other! Just running stock modem/router get the full speed everytime and solid!
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