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  1. It is what it is. I already replaced it with something else.
  2. I solved my issue by buying a new router. I honestly should have stopped at the r1 but i didnt. and here we are
  3. Perform 30-30-30 Reset: Press reset button for 30 seconds. While holding, unplug router for 30 seconds, power on, hold 30 seconds.
  4. im dealing with this exact issue. I did a 30/30/30 reset and now ethernet works. But i can not reach the interface on now, if i reboot the router by unpluggin it and plugging back in, then all the lights will cycle and then the boot loop starts. if i do another 30/30/30 ill have ethernet again until i try all over. so right now, i have no wifi, the first two lights are light up and i am ethernet in and working. but can not access interface.
  5. like im on my pc right now. Ethernet and internet works. Jsut cant setup anything becuase i cant reach the interfae long enough to finish setup
  6. negative. If i reboot the r2 as is right now, Ill be able to start the setup process and then it will will internet and keep connecting and disconnection until i 30.30.30 reset it again.
  7. right now after a 30.30.30 reset I have the first two light light up and ethernet works. Cant reach but i can browse the internet ect. No wifi either.
  8. yes i got that. As long as i dont go through the setup process i had ethernet. Once i go through the setup process network drops every minute so i cant finish. Until i hard reset it again.
  9. I have a r2 and currently it is not giving off wifi. I am able to browse the internet hard wired but can not access the interface through any idea? I haave done a 30 30 30 reset and everything. nothing else is working to get any wifi
  10. I didnt grab one becuase it was showing no lost packets on any of the videos i was watching after the reboot and dns change. So im hoping it was just a dns issue or the reboot solved it for what ever reason. Ill keep it updated if anything else changes
  11. so today sometime during work my internet went out and i had to reboot the equipment when i came home now everything is ok
  12. desktop specs Crosshair VIII hero 3900x 2080ti gskill 32gb ram 3200mhz nvme 1tb os drive Water cooled. PC isnt the issue.
  13. AAlso here is a log looks like something I havent seen before Mon May 10 21:04:28 2021 kern.warn kernel: [1809534.046641] HTB: quantum of class 10010 is big. Consider r2q change. log-1620698684968.txt
  14. Trying out CloudFlare DNS and i have no packet loss and the video buffers less but still have to switch to 1080p to watch with no stops
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