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  1. then why would you buy a router that has a software like dumaos on it? you could have went with any other router if your just going to install ddwrt
  2. Time to kill varies far to often. I have gigabit internet and my ping is typically never higher than 15. Im assuming not many people are lower than that. Id like to think its pretty dam good compared to my old setup with 20-35 ping. with the r1 and the xr500 when it works the in game ping shows the same as my isp shows ping wise. My connection feels great but there is times where i think the other player would have a shit ping and connection which causes them to eat more rounds then it should take. Im convinced that having the best internet isnt always the best in those situations. Same gun setup in different lobbies has different results. Specially blackout. One game i can melt from a distance, others i get crapped on for no reason. It has improved with each update so i think its getting better.
  3. not really sure how it can be setup wrong. the device is added. Its a ps4 pro and its in the geo filter list. Like i said i can see a ping down at teh bottom and it has a circle around my home marker. But i remeber being able to see other connections on the map from the r1 days. I have the entire USA in the zone and zoomed out i can only see the netduma zone and my home location
  4. what i mean is, i can see my location which i set, but if the router shows my device as offline in the network monitor and device list, does the geo -filter know the device is online still? I just always remember it showing on the map other connections that you can click on etc like in the r1 version
  5. So i know this has been brought up but I am curious on this. The geo filter map doesnt show any connections etc but it shows a host ping which is always typically between 10-14 for me. So my question is, if the map doesnt show where im connected and simply only highlights my location is it working properly? How else can i tell? The network monitar shows my ps4 offline. Would blufferboat still work? if the device shows offline?
  6. what is this new trial firmware? Anything we can all try?
  7. they get these videos because they are just that dam good. I have the best equipment available internet wise gigabit internet (1000 up and down) Fiber. XR500 router and a modem that can handle it all. I hold a pretty decent k/d and do really well on blackout but some of these guys are just that dam good. You cant tell me that someone who is under a 1.0 kd would do this well on better equipment. Videos are different from live streams. Some guys put in hours for a good video while others stream everything and you can see they are still just as good.
  8. yea i did a facotry restore and it worked for about an hour or two and now its back to not working. Also the geo filterbasically doesnt work because the device shows offline even though its hardline and im on it right now also
  9. only .40 ive noticed this. and its recent to. I would have noticed once i first updated but overtime it has happened.
  10. this is actually happening to me on the xr500. My firestick is currently streaming movies so its being used but still showing offline. PS4 show offline even though im on it. only things that show online are my wifes and my cell phone. Everything else says offline. including the PC im using to type this.
  11. this may or may not be the same situation. If i reboot both my modem and router i wont get internet connection. What I have to do is unplug the modem, reboot the router till it comes back on line fully them turn my modem back on. If i turn off both and do modem then router i do not get internet back till i reboot the modem again after the router is already back up and running fully
  12. so kinda on the same topic. My speeds are 986 down and 45 up I have the sliders set at 80. Does that mean my playstation will always have 20% of the download and upload and everything else gets the other 80 %?
  13. so i found 3 servers that show dedicated in chicago
  14. Indiana Black Out aa2d8752ca493a3f Allowed Dedicated
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