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  1. Idk what it is but im always in lobbies where players are Mexican or Dominican. No matter how much I try to change the geo filter settings or without they are always in my lobby. I live in Ohio and thought it could possibly just be players from PA or Miami since those areas are populated with that ethnicity however the they are always slightly laggy. Im usually put in a close server with good ping to the server but playing with them is very annoying with how laggy they are. Not sure if its just black ops 4 and possibly some skill based match making involved or what.
  2. A firmware update for what? The router is working as intended.
  3. Yea, I have all of that lol Doesnt make a difference.
  4. I been trying to figure out for forever why streams have near perfect hit detection. I have 400 down 400 up fiber with 2 base ping. Usually 15 ping to the server I get thrown into. Ping plotter is stable as can be, no router errors, open NAT etc. It makes no sense. Ill watch a streamers entire stream and they wont go without a match of having fantastic hit detection. Another thing to throw in about routes. The amount of hops do not matter if the end hop is a good ping. If there was errors before the final hop, the final hop would reflect that with either packet loss to that final hop or bad ping on that final hop. Realistically if you have a 30 ping to the server, you should have nearly no issues. There's virtually no difference between 30 or 10 ping. Ive had crazy theories that maybes its not the connections, maybe its my monitor, maybe its my headset since sometimes Ill test playing without sound and it will feel different. So yea ive basically given up trying to figure it out. Most of these streamers just have regular ISP, regular routers, no advance configs. Its just something we will never know why.
  5. The router does everything it states it does, eliminate network congestion and puts you on a low ping server near you
  6. lol in wondering the same thing. I have a 400 down and 15 up and the most i ever seen is 4100. Sometimes it goes down to like 2000 for no reason.
  7. Ive noticed some games it will appear as a peer connection but the server has an "e" at the end in game. Doesnt that mean its a dedicated server so is it possible just false readings on the filter?
  8. Any idea why my whitelisted server is in another country? Does that make a difference?
  9. Yea. No devices. Just wanted your opinion on wether that amount of jitter should warrant a call to my ISP.
  10. Even tho the spikes arent too high, is this normal for a ping plotter? SHould I call my ISP? Plugged directly in the modem too and theirs not much difference.
  11. Its being used because IPs are running out for ipv4. Ps4 doesnt even use ipv6 so in this case, there is no practical use.
  12. in the XR500 where you can disable the QOS. If you let the XR500 do the speedtest to set up the router it will only put it at 500 for some reason. You have to manually change the number to 950 or whatever your speed is or just disable the "good put" box.
  13. I have att fiber with no issues. Do you have good put selected? Even if you have QOS disabled if the good put is checked it will reflect those numbers and I noticed if I did the initial speed test the router does when it sets up, the highest it sets it to automatically is 500
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