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  1. So I checked with chrome and it works the same. I added my xbox and for my xbox in actually getting icons. i also realized I am now on moderate nat type when I was open before.
  2. upon further testing I was unable to get the player icon to pop up again but this is where. I don’t think it was the NY server because my ping was high like 50-73ms... I’m actually in NYC so it should be 19-28ms (at least that’s what I got prior to getting r2)
  3. I’m not too sure whats going on but this is starting to be really frustrating as the icons just briefly pop up, ive reset the r2, my ping is way higher then when I didn't have the netduma... the geo filter does not work and ive already tried all the copy pasted responses.
  4. the server I’m in doesn't pop up nothing besides player and that dedi server I sent a screenshot of (id:ccb9b580566b1d22 /name:. stun.us.demonware.net) pops up in geo filter @Netduma Fraser
  5. following the reset and factory reset now the player icon is also popping up but that's about it. nothing else pops up
  6. okay so I havre checked on my pc and the ips match
  7. I disabled filtering mode and again nothing pops up... I actually just factory reset and reset from the back to see if I could get it to function
  8. I’m trying to set up my system for me why are you guys talking bout your systems lol... yes @Netduma Fraser that is the only thing that ever pops up. Nothing else pops up
  9. Yes that is the only thing that happens.
  10. I just did. all of these things as well as try putting it as an xbox and nothing just the dedi server pops up
  11. okay so I just did that and nothing comes up but the same dedi server that's showing in my geo filter screenshot @Netduma Fraser
  12. I have uploaded screenshots of my latest benchmark test as well as my qos.
  13. I’m not too sure what youre asking me... I’m from nyc idk why a dedi server in germany is popping up for me
  14. thats literally all that pops up and its only for like a brief 2 seconds
  15. @Fraser13 i currently have my pc set up as playstation, filtering on, 1869 radius, 40 ping assist, strict mode and fast search... but my internet doesnt feel right at all
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