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    Codester reacted to Valvaris in Modem + Router different subsets or not?   
    Hello @Etherealize
    to explain how IP Address works we just keep it simple with your IP's

    (XR-R2-R1) Router [Interface WAN] <---192.168.0.x /24 or> Modem [Interface LAN 1]

    Router WAN IP should be and the Modem LAN IP is depends on DHCP Settings from the Modem. The CIDR is 24 and refers on the bit's used for the subnet in that case 24 times a 1 or four times 8bit in Binary - Decimal 255 = 11111111 - So the Subnet is like 11111111.11111111.11111111.00000000 - This means that the first three octets are not allowed to change on the IP Address - 192.168.0.x - The only octet to allowed to change is the fourth one from 00000000 to 11111111 in Dec 0 to 255 and since we use a IPv4 Protocol we are not allowed to use the first and the last Address in that range. Example: (Network Address) and (Broadcast Address) - The ones we are allowed to use is to 

    That is were proper configuration can be of a advantage for IT-Security and Usability - Keep your ranges small - Example for the Router to Modem Network this is more then enough -> for the XR and for the Modem with the Subnet CIDR /30 - DEC - Binary  11111111.11111111.11111111.111111 00 

    Since we look at this in the Binary view it will look like:
    11111111.11111111.11111111.111111 00 = (Network Address)
    11111111.11111111.11111111.111111 01 = - Modem LAN IP
    11111111.11111111.11111111.111111 10 = - XR WAN IP
    11111111.11111111.11111111.111111 11 = (Broadcast Address)
    255           .255            .255           .252 - Subnet Mask
    You can setup this Static for both Interfaces XR WAN and Modem LAN - To get rid of Re-Addressing the WAN interface when the Lease is over from the DHCP Server from the Modem - because that has to go thru a procedure every time we love to call DORA -> Discover - Offer - Request - Acknowledge - With Static IP's there is no need for the device to process all this.

    XR Example WAN IP Settings:
    IP Address:
    DNS1: Cloudflare 
    DNS2: Cloudflare
    Modem LAN IP Setup:
    DHCP = Off
    LAN IP also Device IP =
    Subnet =

    On the XR LAN Side you are totally fine and can keep it as is. ^^

    If there are any question do not hesitate to ask.

    Best regards
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    Codester reacted to Netduma Liam in Modem + Router different subsets or not?   
    It won't let you set the LAN address to the same subnet as the WAN because you'll end up with duplicate DHCP servers etc and it will just break.
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    Codester reacted to AI_EXREYFOX in Bufferbloat Test   
    Dont use xr500, im using a linksys 3200acm with openwrt with sqm cake.
    I dont use the isp router i call to vodafone and they install me a ont and now i connect the openwrt to the ont  and i have to set vlans .
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    Codester got a reaction from Netduma Fraser in XR700 - Frontier FIOS Problems   
    Yea I never had any luck while running those routers even in bridge mode. It messed with the Duma R1 and the XR500 way too often. I just called them and complained enough to have them remotely enable the ethernet on the ONT. 
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    Codester reacted to CRarsenxL in XR700 - Frontier FIOS Problems   
    For Fios, I definitely think it needs to run through their router first. I’ve tried the default configuration where you put duma as primary but QoS never seems to work properly. Data from the coaxs mess up the algorithm that duma uses. It’s not even duma tbh. Coax is not it. I bought a moca adapter that comes soon so I’ll let you know if that’s any better
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    Codester reacted to Netduma Alex in XR500 DDwrt Firmware   
    As with any third party firmware, you're on your own when it comes to getting it working. Just to make sure you're aware, installing anything unofficial will void your warranty. It's also possible that you won't be able to return your device to the stock OS once it's been modified, and it could end up bricked. As such, we can't support you in this endeavour.
    If you need help with installing DDwrt, i'd try asking on the DDwrt forums. Looks like they don't support any of our routers though.
    I would be interested to know though: what features of DDwrt are you interested in that DumaOS isn't providing? Or are you just doing it for fun since you have a spare router? We're always looking for suggestions to improve DumaOS.
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    Codester reacted to BIG__DOG in XR500 DDwrt Firmware   
    Sorry, we will not help you to install software that is not Netduma's DumaOS as this is a forum for that software. It is not supported on DD-WRT's website hardware compatability listing.  Sorry but you are going to have to seek alternative resources to reach your goal.
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    Codester reacted to Netduma Fraser in BOCW - Lag Compensation on PC?   
    What people generally do is try throttling using Congestion Control, experimenting with ports on Traffic Prioritization or forcing some further away servers to try and raise the ms a bit and pull the compensation in their favor. Give them a try, I'm sure others will comment also.
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    Codester reacted to Netduma Lew in DumaOS Subtray - Opinions and Suggestions   
    Hi everyone,

    As part of future developments, we're looking at the concept of a sub-tray extension for DumaOS; allowing you to make changes to certain settings quickly without opening the full browser version, regardless of what you're doing.
    To make the sub-tray as useful as possible, we need to know:
    Which features do you use the most? Which statistics and data do you regularly use or monitor? Which features do you think you would find useful in a Windows sub-tray app? This could be almost anything - such as changing your Ping Assist setting, running a speedtest from Connection Benchmark, or simply switching an entire Rapp on/off.
    So far, here are some of the ideas we've potentially considered:
    Adblocker (Switch On/Off) Adblocker Pause Traffic Prioritization (Stat Counters, enable rules) Speed Test, Ping Test Congestion Control Bandwidth Allocation Ping Graph I've included an image to give you a better idea of our vision for the sub-tray extension. If you have any ideas on what you'd like to see in this format, let us know.
    Thanks! 👍

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    Codester reacted to IamWardicus in x86 / x64 support   
    Perhaps require an authentication server?   Unsure how Untangle / Sophos handle their requirements.   
    I'd pay a pretty penny though to be able to build my own box.   If DumaOS is based off of linux than it might be possible.   If it's ground up software than it's very unlikely to happen.
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    Codester reacted to Netduma Fraser in DumaOs 3.0 Xr500 upload speed   
    Could you post in the XR500 beta forum on the Netgear Community site please and answer these questions there:
    Did you untick share excess when you were looking at download or upload as there is a separate option for each. Also have you got any manual traffic prioritization settings? Are you using PPPoE, IPv6 or VLAN?
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    Codester reacted to Sable in Netduma R2 is very very good! 10/10   
    Yea I’ve had a Netduma router since advanced warfare days, I’ve had R1, XR500 and XR300 all are great routers and they do enhance your online gaming.
    Really happy with this R2 well worth the £.
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    Codester reacted to Bacon in ANNOUNCEMENT: The Netduma R2 is here   
    While I understand anyone having issues with the shipping costs, I'm personally fine with it. DHL is great and I've gotten orders from Andy at Ultimarc in the UK to my house in the US in two days. You pay for quality.
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    Codester reacted to Netduma Alex in Infinity Ward Developers Explain Why the Maps Are so Bad in Modern Warfare   
    I can understand their motivation for doing this... Although I thought this is what skill based matchmaking was for? You shouldn't have to design the maps around unskilled players if those players aren't matched with skilled players in the first place.
    Plus I reckon that the MW maps could cause paralysis due to overwhelming choice. One of the key things about old Call Of Duty maps is that there are only three or so viable routes, so players are kind of automatically led to certain choke points. The new maps feel more chaotic and random thanks to the abundance of places to bail on your chosen route.
    I think if anything the maps have the opposite effect of their intention, because at least with a smaller and more focused map, it is easier to pick up on the techniques. Better that then just becoming proficient at finding a nice hiding spot.
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    Codester got a reaction from Netduma Alex in Help with my Nat Type on Modern Warfare   
    I had an open NAT until they pushed an update. I couldn't get it off Moderate for anything. A day later, another update came from them and it was fixed. We do have two consoles playing this game on the same network so I know one of us will likely get moderate. But nobody else was home when the update switched mine from open to moderate. 
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    Codester reacted to Bmann in XR500 settings for CoD MW   
    With using this method I have not noticed any lag just a ton of campers! 
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    Codester got a reaction from thegaurdian1 in Update the internal WiFi hardware   
    I know it would be impossible to implement due to optimization and DRM issues , but a firmware update to 3rd party capable routers would be insanely cool. I love the Netduma but the hardware does lack a little. It's older hardware which is understandable. For now, I'm just using the Netduma as my main router and using a Google Wifi AP in the middle of the house. Works until Google updates their Wifi's so I can use their mesh capabilities while just being an AP. 
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    Codester reacted to iAmMoDBoX in Netduma VPN speed max 10 Mbps   
    The CPU in the router is only powerful enough to run ~10Mbps with the VPN enabled due to encryption/decryption of the data being sent/received
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    Codester reacted to iAmMoDBoX in Help with gigabit speeds on Netduma   
    Well if they're making you use their own router that plugs directly into ethernet from the ONT then I'm pretty sure you can just get rid of that router completely and use your own. (May have to call and have them provision your own router)
    As for what IP to put in the DMZ you would put the IP that shows up on the Verizon router for the Netduma. So it would be like you said you saw.
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    Codester reacted to iAmMoDBoX in Help with gigabit speeds on Netduma   
    Just use the router they give you for everything and then connect your gaming devices to the Netduma. To get those speeds you'd have to disable congestion control anyway so you'd be limited to using only the geo-filter regardless.
    Put your Netduma into the Verizon router's DMZ
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    Codester got a reaction from ColonicBoom in 2 years here!   
    Damn it has been two years. My 2 years was around Christmas time. My little cousin got a job at Best Buy and tells me about all these cool routers they have now. I just tell him if it isn't a Duma, then it sucks for gaming period. haha
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    Codester got a reaction from Netduma Fraser in 2 years here!   
    Damn it has been two years. My 2 years was around Christmas time. My little cousin got a job at Best Buy and tells me about all these cool routers they have now. I just tell him if it isn't a Duma, then it sucks for gaming period. haha
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    Codester got a reaction from bagsta69 in 2 years here!   
    Damn it has been two years. My 2 years was around Christmas time. My little cousin got a job at Best Buy and tells me about all these cool routers they have now. I just tell him if it isn't a Duma, then it sucks for gaming period. haha
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    Codester reacted to bagsta69 in 2 years here!   
    Was a game changer on AW
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