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  1. I thought I was on the mend with all of the suggestions, but my wifi wasn't up after my last big reset of all components. I'm hoping I don't get to this point!
  2. Well, as of this morning, my wifi was out again. Didnt even try a reset, just plugged in my old router for the day for my kids. May be looking into a phone call or private messages with Netduma on rectification, replacement, or refund.
  3. Updated to current firmware R2 3.0.179, did a reset via 30 second hold on reset button. powered down the router, powered off my modem and then re-powered in reverse order. Performed set up on the duma as if it were new(since we reset it) now i get only wifi and not hardwire connections, like I lost all access to my ports!
  4. When was the latest firmware released?
  5. Good morning, Dumaneers, I've had my r2 for about two weeks and it has been restarting/cutting out within the recent week, between 2-3 times a day, mostly in the evenings. I will lose connection at random times. I have not noticed any effect while gaming hardwired except for some times, but its more often loss of wifi connections. I end up powering off for 30 seconds, and then power up and I'm good. I have also noticed the router is a little warm but no excessive heat. Have here been similar problems like this? Is there a setting I may have mistakenly set? I was excited for this router, and while it does work very well when its not cutting out, I didn't expect trouble this early into owning it and having it operate.
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