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  1. You mentioned that all of your coax cables were replace, but if you haven’t already, you may also want to check your Ethernet cable between your internet gateway (modem) and your XR500. I once experienced an issue where my speed was degraded due to bad Ethernet cable.
  2. I have a similar setup with a Xfinity gateway in bridge mode connected to the XR500 with 600 Mbps D/L speed, and have no trouble getting full advertised speeds with low ping. Have you tried a new Ethernet cable between your modem and router? Or have you tried running custom DNS servers on the router? I am running with OpenDNS servers for the filtering ability that it provides. Good luck.
  3. I know it is up to Netgear, but do you expect a XR500 bug fix firmware release prior to the release of the DumaOS 3.0 update?
  4. Until DumaOS updates on this router are streamlined, the roadmap does not mean much. It is like having a shopping list and never going to the store to get the things on your list.
  5. Have you tried changing the NAT Filtering setting from ‘Secured’ to ‘Open’. It is on the Settings>WAN Setup page.
  6. I played COD BO4 last night and noticed that the Geofilter on my XR500 was not populating and did not show the server that I was connecting to. I did not have any trouble connecting to a match. I was on the latest beta .40 firmware at the time. I downgraded to the .32 firmware and performed a factory reset, but I am still having the same issue. Any further suggestions??? TIA
  7. I agree. It seems that their road map with this router has hit a road block.
  8. I agree that the anti-bufferbloat does not work and I leave it disabled as well.
  9. Hotfix firmware works well on 5GHz for me. No disconnects and I am getting full ISP speeds over 5GHz wireless.
  10. 17ms is pretty low. It may temporarily go above 17ms preventing you from connecting to the server. I would suggest raising the PA setting to 30ms (or 40ms) and trying again. I am strictly using PA to find matches in COD BO4 and it works better for me that using the Geofilter.
  11. Can I get a link to the trial firmware that is being discussed in this forum...https://community.netgear.com/t5/Nighthawk-Pro-Gaming-Routers/XR500-drops-internet/td-p/1562692/page/35 Thanks.
  12. Disappointing that they do not have a beta firmware program. The hardware works well for me, but the firmware does have its issues. I have also disabled QOS and the Device Manager is not very useful with all of the offline devices listed. I also lose connection to the internet when game consoles are not powered off properly. I lose connection to the internet if the router is rebooted while the modem is on. These all seem like fixable issues, but it seems like these folks are focused on bigger and better things at the moment. Early in the life of the router...Netduma would give out beta firmware that tried to address identified issues. Now...not so much. Something changed for sure.
  13. I tried it per your instructions and it does work in my case in the way that you describe. Thanks for the suggestion.
  14. No. It does not resolve it. When making these changes, I lose internet access. To regain access to the internet, I have to change back to Internet IP Address: 'Get Dynamically from ISP', and Router MAC Address: 'Use Default Address'. Get "Automatically from ISP
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