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  1. Looks similar to my network map. I had to disable QOS.
  2. Dilly Dilly

    Xr500 firmware updates

    Disappointing that they do not have a beta firmware program. The hardware works well for me, but the firmware does have its issues. I have also disabled QOS and the Device Manager is not very useful with all of the offline devices listed. I also lose connection to the internet when game consoles are not powered off properly. I lose connection to the internet if the router is rebooted while the modem is on. These all seem like fixable issues, but it seems like these folks are focused on bigger and better things at the moment. Early in the life of the router...Netduma would give out beta firmware that tried to address identified issues. Now...not so much. Something changed for sure.
  3. I tried it per your instructions and it does work in my case in the way that you describe. Thanks for the suggestion.
  4. No. It does not resolve it. When making these changes, I lose internet access. To regain access to the internet, I have to change back to Internet IP Address: 'Get Dynamically from ISP', and Router MAC Address: 'Use Default Address'. Get "Automatically from ISP
  5. This happens to me when the router reboots due to a power loss, or when I manually reboot it. When it happens, I have noticed that it has trouble getting a WAN IP address from the ISP. I can usually get the issue resolved by toggling the MAC address of the router to either Computer or Default in the settings menu.
  6. I recently started getting random internet disconnects on my XR500. I am running the latest firmware. It happens every couple of days. Most of the time I can reboot the router and get the internet back, but tonight I had to do a complete router reset to get it back. It may be the Xbox One that was added to my network about 3 weeks ago, but I have turned off Instant On on the Xbox One and it is still happening. It seems to be worse on the latest firmware. After tonight's disconnect, I have put the Xbox One behind a network switch. We will see if that helps. Any other suggestions? Or is there another firmware that addresses this issue?
  7. Dilly Dilly

    VPN Support

    I may be missing something, but there is no Hybrid VPN beta firmware for the XR500....currently only for the R1. It is misleading to make folks believe that there is.
  8. Dilly Dilly

    VPN Support

    The link above is linked to his own post in this thread.
  9. Does filtering work if you use the OpenDNS FamilyShield DNS servers: and I am running the V2.3.2.26 firmware on the XR500 and using the OpenDNS FamilyShield servers and filtering is working as expected.
  10. Dilly Dilly

    VPN Questions

    Just a thought...if the firmware has been developed and just going through QA testing, make it available as a beta firmware. Beta firmware/software is fairly common nowadays.
  11. Can you send to me as well? TIA
  12. In WAN Setup on the router settings page, you can select NAT Filtering to Open and it may help you get Open NAT on both Xbox consoles.
  13. I flashed it a few hours ago without doing a reset and everything seems fine. The UPnP table is populating like it should. The only thing that I noticed is that the custom device names in the device manager are lost after the upgrade
  14. Release / offer a beta to let real world users test to see if the fix was successful. The upgraded features in DumaOS were nice, but I had to downgrade due to connection issues that may have been related to UPnP.